im going up to california for trim season again

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  1. i just got the call from a friend who is making his way to phoenix from texas. our buddy has a plot up in mendo that needs trimming and asked us to come up and make some quick money and weed. we are leavin sunday for san bernadino then hitch hiking up to mendo for 2 weeks then head home.

    our pay?
    $100 a day, 1/4oz of weed a day and all the hash we can make from the trim.
  2. Sounds bad ass. I would love to do something like that for some quick tax-free cash and bud. Have a good time.
  3. goo goo gaa gaa

  4. i moved to phoenix 3 months ago and i still dont have a job. though i saved up enough to get us by for a few months quick cash is always good so what the hell, right?
  5. ugh dude, you have no idea how jealous i am of you. thats pretty decent pay also.

    i did have plans to be in humboldt hopefully trimming as well.

    just found out today actually that the kid who i know out there got caught on a train with weed, and is most likely sittin in jail somewhere.

    when i was out there i also met this dude named berry (on the arcata square) chill ass dude. sold me some of the best nug i have ever seen. said he was working on a couple 1000 plant plots, gave him my number and said call me when it needs trimming lol.

    i honestly thought most plots and gardens were harvested by now?

    hmmm maybe i will still get a call sometime soon lol

    have fun!

  6. arcata is so beautiful. still got a lot of shady hippies though.

    i we are sitting in the middle of harvest right now. the early october one is probably the last of the crops going out.
  7. nice :D:D:D

    How long are you gonna be workin?

  8. just about a week.

    plus, i get to partake in some wonderful scissor hash
  9. dude definitely take pics man
  10. shady hippies run arcata
  11. Nice dude, have fun over there. :)
  12. god that sounds awesome. where bouts in cali? im a native.
  13. sounds like an experience, id kill for an oppurtunity like that
  14. I wish I was you :(
  15. damn some people have all the luck.

    fuck i need to start meeting some new people.

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