I'm going to try this... tips suggestions please

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Dennis420, Sep 14, 2004.

  1. After much research...

    I bought three 26 watt CFLs yesterday and a 8 inch terracotta? pot for like 12 bucks at wal-mart. I plan on getting a HPS sooner or later but would 3 more CFLs help? What about during flowering, could I still use the same CFLs? I'm going to make my own soiless mix using 50% promix, 35% perlite, and 15% vermienlite. I plan on using seeds from ky for the first couple tries to see what I can get but I want to try some Northern Lights if I could find a website who ships to the US.

    I'm going to either grow in a pretty big closet or a cabinet. Should I purchase fans? Also, if there is anything else I should know, please tell me.

    How do I wire up 3 CFLs so they all run off one plug in? Is it possible.
  2. ive had good luck with seeds from ky since i live here to but alas i grow outdoors :wave:

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