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Im Going To Try Somthing...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CmMx112, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. Well first off, Im pretty high right now. I remember the second time I got high, which was years ago, I was so out there I thought I was living life like a 3rd person shooter. Completely out of body.

    Ive got some very high mids, its got a nice potient smell :yummy:. Well Im going to try and get as high as possible. Is their anything I should prepare for? Because when I had the out of body high, I dont remember much of that night, other than that, and the food I destroyed, haha :D
  2. You will never be that high again.. im sorry, but your first highs cant be matched. Your body is more familiar with bud. It wont stop you from getting ripped, but it wont ever be that good again.
  3. I beg to differ... I have been that high about 3 other times. Twice a year ago, and once again about 4 months ago... Im going for it regardless :poke: :hippie:
  4. im jealous. Ive smoked bowls upon bowls, trying to get that high, but i just cant. Even with dank..
  5. At OP: just remember that it's only pot if you smoke too much and start freaking out. You'll be alright in a few hours/sleep it off.

    As for tolerance: I guess that's the only good thing about only finding mids if you don't grow your own dank. My tolerance was sooo low even though between me and a couple close friends, I smoke 2 grams to an eighth a day.
  6. Yea, the only times I could do it is if I smoked out of my friends vape, or if I hit his 2 foot bong. Good times :D
  7. Yea, Ive never had a panic attack, or a bad "trip" off weed. I wish I could get some dank, havent smoked it in about a year :( Im pretty damn high right now. My body is humming, and the TV looks and sounds crazyyy. Hahaha :hippie:

    Ohh, and Im about to eat my laptop, Im starving, hahaha :yummy:
  8. Really want to get the higest you possibly can? Torch an entire fully loaded bowl into one hit. Repeat with as many bowls until you cannot mentally pack another one :smoke:
  9. Don't smoke too much and green out. I remember when I took long long t-breaks and started again I would think I can tolerate a lot but truely it raped me.
  10. make edibles. easiest way to get as high as possible.
    if you've never had them before it feels like youre first time smoking.

    if you smoke a lot you will probably just want to sleep

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