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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Hank Alvarez, Oct 1, 2010.

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  1. I grow with an Aerogarden. It's a glorified DWC with a built in computerized pump that circulates the nutrient solution and times the lights and feeding intervals. That's probably why they're so expensive.

    Mine is equipped with an upgrade kit that allows me to grow two to three plants up to a maximum height of 24" under three flat high intensity CFL's. I've had no need for additional lighting since I installed three mirrors to reflect the light I already paid for back up to the lower portions of my plants.

    It's not a g high pressure aeroponic system and I do require oxygen to my nutes . My reservoir only holds 112 ounces and water quality is a major issue. Our nutes are naturally aireated in the Aerogarden when they come out of the distribution nozzles at the ends of the manifold but it's not really enough, hence the need for the air stone and aquarium air pump.

    The Aerogarden is a compact, compete growing system that is becoming more popular everyday because of its simplicity. It's not an aeroponic system and mixing us in with them and the bubbling tubbers is doing a disservice to all three groups. We don't have the same challenges and their solutions are seldom an answer to ours. I'm making one last appeal to the administrator of this site to give us a separate heading so we don't have to wade through pages of irrelevant data in search of answers to our problems. You might want to look at Rollitup.com's forum to see what I mean. Okay A/G growers, please, either back me up or tell me to shut up. Sincerely, Hank
  2. Hey Hank...............Shut up....;)

    Its a dwc...There is no special anything..
    they have a dripper on each plant location and a res...

    I dont know what issues ur having but feel free to check out hydro growing,
    all your questions can be answered there,

    If you are having a hard time Pm me...
    Ill give ya a hand,

    We dont need a forum for those things.
    generally people find out that they are just to small to be efficient for growing mj.

  3. .org ;)
  4. We don't need a sub forum for that at this time. Thanks for the suggestion, though. :)
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