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I'm going to start my first grow :)

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by, May 27, 2009.

  1. ok so im planning on starting my first grow and i was wondering what nutrients and potting soils are the best that are from Canada and that arent too exspensive. Its only going to be for personal useage so im only growing 1 or 2 plants. i was also wondering if i was to start my seedlings off in 2x2x2 square lego boxes that i made lol from when i was a child its been lying around for ages might as well put it to a better use lol not sure if that plastic can be harmful to the root ball and health of the plant. also it would be easier to trans plant i think because you can just take the lego pieces apart then you have a nice solid root and dirt block. and then i was going to use a compact florecent bulb thats 23w pure white bulb and some reflect bubble wrap thats been lying around my house, and line my growing box. also 2 small computer fans on each side for the venting.

    please comment on this and leave any info that i may have left out and also is miracle planting soil and all purpose plant food good to use ive seen a couple growing videos and they used that
    also should i have a spray bottle with a mild soap and water mix to spray the leaves to prevent bugs

    Thanks all stay high:smoking:
  2. First your going to need more then 1 cfl lol, maybe like 3 to 4 per plant. Do you think your going to have a huge bug problem indoors? Unless you don't its not necessary to spray your plants with insect replent.

    I don't like MG soil, it can be very harsh for young MJ plants due to all the slow releasing ferts. I don't know if they carry it in canada, but look for Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil, pretty cheap and its great quality. Also look for the fox farm nutes, grow big for veg and big bloom and tiger bloom for flowering.

    I have no idea how the lego box will work, I would like to see that lol. Other then that sounds good bro, Good Luck on the grow peace. :bongin:
  3. ok thanks man i will deffinately look for that fox brand and im starting to wonder if this box that im going to use to grow in is going to big enough because if i need 3-4 lights than i might as well just use a fluorecent tube like the commercial ones and i can get a bulb for free from my work lol shh dont tell anyone lmao but does different colours of lights affect on how they grow like if i was to have a green or yellow or red or blue or even a black light? and i think im still going to use my home made lego pots lol



    *-Will Try and post some pics-*
  4. [ame=]YouTube - How to Grow Marijuana[/ame]
  5. Word Ill defintaly keep my eye out for those pictures. :smoking:

    Im guessing when you say 2x2x2 its in meters right, so thats like 1.5 ft, sorry Im horrible with conversions lol. You can always look for some lowryder seeds, and to keep them short you can always lst, and of course you won't want to veg your plants long if you don't have a lot of room. Keep in mind a flowering plant can almost double in size.

    Yes different colors are used for different cycles. A blacklight will not work at all for growing anything. A green light won't work either. But if you ever have to work in a garden at night just plug in a green specturm light and it won't interfer with the plants dark cycle. For veg you want something in the blue range, like around 6500k. And for flowering you want a red light, something around 2700k. So lets say you have 4 cfls and your vegging, you should have 3 6500k and 1 2700k, I think its best to have a both red and blue. I know that without a blue light plants will stretch. I don't know what happens if you don't have red though, probally just less dense and compact buds.

    Good luck with the lego box lol. If you have any other questions feel free to him me up, Im always happy to help. Peace bro, :bongin:
  6. As a general rule: Careful with your nutrients and e plant the levels of nitrogen on the plant food. start off very carefully and gently with seedlings- a little goes a very long way. Also, do not use any soil or potting mixes with "weed killer" or anything fancy that will "promote growth" or "makes plants greener" any of that is good to stay away from. you want to be able to control everything you are feeding your plants. Just look for a overall plain potting mix to start off with.

    Good luck =)
  7. wow thanks guys ive been looking at other peoples grow room and grow boxes and ive decided to change mine my new box is now 21 inches wide and 17 inches high by 21 inches long im deffinately gonna take a picture of it and my lego pot and post it shortly i still gotta modify the box but i will show you the rough idea and please keep feeding me info lol and im just using random seeds from my baggies of weed and im going to soak the seeds in a glass of water for 24 hours and this box is just going to be for vegging or getting the babies to a decent size then im going to put them out into the wild hopefully they dont go into shock and die and is there any way of speeding up the process of growing maybe a root enhancer or root stimulattor???
  8. also the color thing what about pink
  9. Yea they do have root stimulators and what not, every tried any myself. They won't shock and die as long as you don't put them out in winter lol. Actually most outdoor growers prefer to start their seeds or clones indoors before moving them outside. How long do you think you'll have them indoors for? Im pretty sure pink is a lighter shade of red, so it will inturept the light cycle, but I dont know who well a pink light works for growing lol.
  10. im going to try and keep them in the box for 3-4 weeks what do you think is a good length of time for vegging and flowering? i was thinking 3 weeks for flowering and 1 week for the final stage but i intend on just trimming the buds off so i dont have to keep growing new plants until i get my own place and have a really nice set up :) just another year or so until i get my own apartment.

  11. Unfortunately, we don't get to determine the flowering times. Generally, flowering time ranges from as low as 6-7 weeks, up to 10-11 weeks. I've had my seedlings in a little ghetto grow box that I made out of an old sock dresser/night stand and it's roughly about 2 feet wide x 1.5 feet long x about 1-1.5 feet deep. In there I'm housing 6 plants right now comfortably. They have only been growing for about a month or a little more and they still have upward room, but the side to side room is starting to get iffy. So I would recommend a box of similar or larger size if possible.

    You can control vegetative growth time, but most plants like to be at least a foot to a foot and a half before you want to even think about flowering them to make it worthwhile at least.

    As the others have stated, Fox Farms soil is probably the best brand to use, and even more specific, Ocean Forest by Fox Farms seems to be the best soil I've ever used for these plants. Sometimes the soil will run hot, so if you do find some (generally a specialty shop) make sure to ask before hand if they don't tell you. As for nutes, fox farms is good because it's OMRI listed so you get the benefit of organics.

    As for lighting, CFLS work great. Also, T-5 strip lighting works very well. I have been using (3) 2' T-5 strip lights with 6500k bulbs (very cheap and inexpensive), and they work like gangbusters.

    I don't know if it would help you out at all, but my journal has a little bit of information that may help you out. If you want, check the link in my sig and you might be able to get something valuable outta that.
  12. hey wow really good post def gonna keep this in mind I've currently been looking for my seeds it seems that I have missed place of my seeds LOL but I've takin some some pics with the prepped planting pots I've completed the box with my light and intake fan which also supposedly has a active charcol filter so that it will help contain the stank

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    ok finally here are the pics i was promising
    1) the box and the power for the light and the air purifier( activated charcol filter and fan)
    2) lid for box open with the light off
    3) inside the box (black box is the air filter tthen the 2 circles are the plant pots im thinking just to switch to a 1 gallon pot instead)
    4) the air filter (which i'm moving to the opposite corner so the bottom right corner were the out-take vent is)

    the reason why im moving it is becuae i spent time thinking about it and its not going to filter any smells out of the box its just going to push out the skunky air because it draws fresh air in from the back then filtered air through the front so i need to put the fresh air exit by the exit vent in the box
    sorry if this confuese any one


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  14. My only critique is that I hope that isn't foil. If it is, you should either take it out, or cover it up with something.

    Foils (aluminum or tin) both end up absorbing more light than they do reflect. I would recommend getting some flat white paint and dilute it with a little bit of water to turn it slightly "whitewash-ish". It will prove to be more effective than any foil reflective material.

    Outside of that, the design looks like it will work just fine!

    Nice box, dude.
  15. thanks yea it only took me about 3 hours for everything to be put together lol it was mainly the "TIN FOIL" that took forever to do with out it tearing and i was wondering since my box is stirofoam would white primer adhear to it because i now certain chemicals eat stirofoam and i geuss i might as well tear out all that "TIN FOIL" out i just thought that since its shiny and reflective that it would be better for reflectivity but can some one please get back to me on that primmer and i will post all the pics in the grow rooms/ design thread after its white
  16. Ahh, since it's a styrofoam box, maybe then I would look for some white poly material. I currently use panda film which is good for durability but reflects roughly around 90% of light without creating hot spots.

    You may find that there will be hot spots created by using the foil.

    The two best options I would say if you can find them would be either mylar or some white poly sheeting. Shouldn't be very expensive for a small cut of material that would cover your entire box. Probably less than 15 dollars depending on how much the price of material is. But as a rough idea, I spent about 20 some dollars for a 4'x 25' of 2 mil Mylar.

    Mylar would reflect roughly about 95% of all light and white poly is about 90%. Foil's end up somewhere in the 60-70% reflectivity range.

    But then again, if foil is all that's available, it will work, it's just not optimal.
  17. i actually have mylar here wasnt sure to use it or not and the reason how and why i have mylar is because my step father has a hydro green house and he used that and still has some left over so ill just grab that then
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