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I'm going to smoke for the first time...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ASAP Rocky, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. I dont know what to expect. My friend is going to smoke with me and he's been smoking for a while now. Any tips on how to get the smell out of your clothes, breath, etc...?
  2. Body spray and mouthwash.
  3. Expect everything to be funny, but don't be surprised if it doesn't work your first time.
  4. don't wear anything that the smell of smoke can stick onto easily, deo, have some gum handy but most important of all, enjoy yourself :smoke:
  5. Get some visine cause your eyes will probably get really red, and just have some spray, your breath probably won't matter, maybe get some gum. Just chill and relax, listen to some chill beats and you'll love it :)

  6. congrats man. but dont expect anything because it will be completely different from what you expect. if you're outside smell isnt really an issue unless you're smoking a blunt or joint but a little body spray never hurts. breath mints and mouthwash for your breath.

  7. Example: deadmau5, daft punk, stateless, bob marley, thievery corporation, nightmares on wax, death in vegas, fatboy slims, etc.

    Just some artists I enjoy especially when I'm baked.
  8. If smell is an issue here is some tips
    eye drops
    tic tacs, listerine strips, mouth wash, gum (anything to get the smell off your breath)
    Carmex lip balm shit. (It keeps your lips from smelling too much after burning)
    Change of clothes (or a shirt to smoke in)
    And if your really concerned some sort of baby wipes for your face
  9. The smell isn't like will not linger on your clothing for any longer then like 20/30 mins max.
  10. Another technique I sometimes use is smoke in a hoodie and if you need to be in contact with people who can't know, take off the hoodie.

  11. :smoke:
  12. Just make sure when you take a hit you breathe in a gulp of air to get it in your lungs, I didn't even get high the first 3 times i smoked because I wasn't inhaling right

    good luck brah
  13. most importantly for your first time smoking, Make sure you are INHALING If your buddy has been smoking for a while then at least that's good he can make sure you are smoking it right... and for your first time it is going to be a bit harsh and probably make your lungs and throat have a bit of a burning sensation lets hope your buddie is smoking danks and not poorly grown bud Because that will make a big difference & make sure you got some water to drink Be prepared to have fun man and start loving sweet Mary Jane :D
  14. Let whatever happen, happen. Don't try to predict what it's going to be like and force it because you can't expect what it's going to be like. Honestly don't try to impress your friend with big hits, take a lot of small ones so you can inhale all the smoke, AND MAKE SURE TO INHALE. If after like 15-20 mins you don't feel anything but you still have weed then take the huge hits to force yourself to inhale, warning it prob won't be very pleasant at first but have water and just relax.

    For the smell and shit, if you can toke up with like a t shirt then after spray yourself down a little and throw on a sweatshirt.(or the other way around) Your eyes will be red as hell if you do it right some eye drops are also recommended. Finally gum is all you need to handle breath.

    have fun bro :smoke:
  15. smoke in a jumper then take it off, or vice versa, smoke then put jumper on. Clear eyes or visine would be advised for the red eyes and i find listerine strips to be one of the most effective of removing smell from breath

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