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im going to smoke for 1# time how wats the best way to experienc the high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by stickybudman, May 10, 2011.

  1. if you can help me please give advice
  2. Well, I just learned a good way to make sure the smoke is in your lungs.

    First, inhale the smoke, then inhale some fresh air to make sure it's all in your lungs.
  3. Not everyone feels their first time. Inhale, as deep as possible. You WILL cough. Try and ignore the cough and keep smoking :)

    Have fun:)
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    *make sure you inhale the smoke into your lungs. You only need to hold for 5 seconds.

    i just posted this smoking tip on another thread:

    "Youre supposed to be inhaling as you put the flame near the weed..and then you will see it light up and you will start feeling the smoke entering your throat and lungs. At this point, the flame is no longer needed, since its already lit. Take the flame away because you will just be burning it up.

    Literally, the flame only needs to be on the weed for like, 1 second. Because as long as its not packed too tight, you should be able to suck air through it enough to start making it burn.

    Youre supposed to inhale until you fill up youre lungs all the way. If you inhale to the point where you feel like you have to cough, take your mouth off whatever your smoking out of, and inhale as much air as possible. This is called capping it off."


    *make sure the setting youre in is peaceful and chill.

    *weed makes everything better. Listen to your favorite music, do your favorite stuff like draw, play hacky sack, watch movies, etc... whatever you like to do!

    *water helps with the drymouth and hot throat.

    *keep smoking til you think youve reached your limit. You will know when you have ;)
  5. Have some mangos or Arizonas with you.....mangos help the high and make it feel better and Arizonas cure cotton mouth. Also if you don't feel super high, this is normal for your first time.
  6. Don't act like a complete faggot to others around you and try to sound like a "weed expert".

    If you are smoking alone then i suggest you inhale, exhale etc.
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    Your name is stickybudman but your going to smoke for the first time??
  8. A small pipe/spoon is a good idea.
  9. 1) Take hits of smoke-don't breathe the smoke into your mouth and not into your lungs. Your body will attempt to subconsciously hold the smoke in your mouth cause it isn't supposed to go into your lungs, or so you have been told. Take an extra breath of fresh air until it feels like your lungs have been filled to their air capacities. IF you already have smoked cigarettes/anything else before, then this probably does not apply to you.

    2) Be with a close friend who has smoked or is okay with you smoking.

    3) Have lots of water ready to drink near by.

    4) Be in a safe environment where paranoia will not consume your mind.

    5) Have a tasty good nearby to eat.

    6) Have movies ready to watch, or plan to go walking outside, videogames to play, art to draw, etc. Do not just smoke and sit there, that is what a burn out does. Unless you are listening to music and are taking in all the colors, feelings, sounds, etc.

    7) Have ibuprofen ready for a nasty come down, or just keep yourself completely hydrated throughout the high.

    8) Make sure all stressors have been eliminated for the day so you can feel care-free while you are high.
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    Advice: If you can smoke properly, don't do more than a bowl. However, since it's your first time, you'll likely smoke it wrong, and need more pot. However, all you need for your first time is about 3-4 solid hits and you'll be ripped.

    Assuming you can't take big hits yet, try taking little hits. Breathe in air, take a bit of smoke, and inhale more air, then hold it in for a few seconds before breathing it out. You will cough. Rest for some air. Try again when you don't feel the need to cough anymore.

    Get winamp if you don't have it, and load up visualizations (milkdrop 2). You will end up staring at it as the music is playing, and enjoying every second of it.
  11. One day when your a "seasoned toker", you're going to look back on this thread and laugh.

  12. What's the problem?
  13. dont be afraid to smoke alot, it wont kill you since alot of people dont get high on their first time
  14. Disregard that guy. If you smoke too much you will get super paranoid and not have fun, and you may never want to smoke again. Smoking too much the first time is a deterrent for many. That being said, you can probably smoke at least a bowl to yourself if you do it poorly.
  15. True that, I meant sort of like don't take a tiny amount and expect to be super ripped. I understand smoking alot for your first time might make you panic a bit since you don't know what to feel but take as much as you feel comfortable taking.
  16. Keep smoking, but take a few minutes between each few hits so the full effect of the high hits you and you don't smoke too much. If possible, smoke with an experienced person who you feel comfortable with. If that doesn't work, there are some excellent beginner's guides in the stickies here. When you're stoned, do what you like to do sober, it will be so much better. Music, games, movies, snacks, sex, etc.
  17. I'm not gonna write a whole paragraph here but just fucking smoke it and go somewhere where you don't have to worry about people coming around.
    If you can just chill in your house do that. And try to keep in mind the voices do go away eventually. If they start yelling at you though, you may have a problem on your hands...
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    Fuck you, lol. Your gonna scare him.

    Your good bro

    Just inhale, drinking COLD water might stop coughing.

    Have fun :)

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