im going to smack my brother

Discussion in 'General' started by gone fishin, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. so i get home today...hes making space cake with the confetti cake, sounds nice...

    everything is set, and i get my piece served

    i take a bite, tastes like asshole, tastes like the i smell after i work out...

    ask him what the fuck is in here

    the response

    "about 1/2 oz of those roaches you had hanging aroung...the blunt and joint ones you had in the bag next to the hash"

    im feeling good, but fer real, it tastes like anus and coffee...:mad:
  2. HAHA..that is funny shit right there man...

    but least youll get high
  3. Man, that's fuckin' nasty, but, was it good besides that? I've had unholy, disgusting shit space cake before, but it still got me fucked up. Just tasted like he inside of Orson Wells' asshole.
  4. no, he fucked up the icing too..but its getting me there
    feel like curling up with the misses (okay not yet but sooon she'll be the misses), and watching tv in a warm blanket, with a big glass of warm milk...

    and oreos

    speaking of which, do pot cakes/brownies and the such give anyone else the squirts?
  5. update...he tastes nothing wrong with it...

    however, he also drinks dubra vodka cause it "tastes good"

    i feel he has taste cancer...:eek:

    the fix? amputate at the neck:hello:
  6. or maybe a fat bleezie is the fix, we made brownies one time, we used weed butter and we put a QP in the butter man these fuckin things were oozing green when we were done, tasted nasty but got fuckin high!!! ye ye!
  7. nahh, im too fucked to drive for a swisher, wayyyy to fucked...

    i ate wayyy too much cake...had the munchies, so i ate more...

    i just had like double vision for a second, and its getting hard to to bed, gonna curl up with a glass of warm milk, roll a joint for the morn, do some shit around the house, and then go make pizzas for my sister...
  8. haha i wish i could do that im down in denver visiting my rents for the weekend so iam dry until exactly 10:45 monday morning!!, my plane lands at 10:15 n i got some waitin for me in the car
  9. ha..bro got fucked up

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