I'm going to run out of FF big bloom. can I use something Else in its stead?

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  1. I have enough grow big and tiger bloom. It's hard and expensive to get it uk. Im going to switch over to bio bizz. It's easy to get cheap and I use bio bizz soil.
    So yeah, any chance I can replace big bloom with something else? Coming into the 4th week of flower.
  2. If you email dyna gros customer service they have decent sample packs for customers in the US.. I got the solution preview pack for 28 bucks... came with

    1 36oz protekt
    1 36oz bloom
    1 36oz foliage pro
    1 36oz magpro
    1 8oz k-l-n

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  3. I'm Not in the u s of a but I'll try them. Is it big bloom though? They have a few types I think.
    Also they are ridiculously good sample sizes. I paid twice that for 1/4 of what you have basically.
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    That's why I recommend it haha damn good deal for people in the states... to top it off they misshipped some items so I got a small bottle of bloom and magpro for free as well haha over a hundred bucks worth of stuff... it was this or one or two bottles of fox farms and I'm a cheapass.

    My bad though I thought you were just asking about bloom nutes in general

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  5. Nah I have tiger bloom but I need something to replace the big bloom
  6. Could I replace with another brand??
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  7. You can use any brand just find the NPK you want... if the big bloom NPK has been working good for you just look for any more known brand that has an NPK the same or similar. Nutes are nutes the plants really don't care so long as they get them when needed lol.

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  8. Shit I never knew this. Been worrying abit! Good to know thanks.

    And the big bloom is the macros I think. All the npk's are 0 . Something
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