im going to miss these

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  1. :( , and damn do i need new hobby!

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  2. You're killing me with your pics. now where's the pic of the big ugly dog taking a piss on it?
  3. exactly what i was thiniking unoit... im kinda working on a garage idea..:) plateoweed was a horrible joke that happens about once a and i hate it when it does!!! this waas the first yr i had my little grubs in the girls...ooh!! an now i see why u boys like it so much!!!, the man me got the clones from was over fri. and said i did a fine job indeed. but that we shoulda miraclegrrowed more :( oh well...) we cured branch o weed from a few weeks ago,...very nice. anyhow this whoooole idea is a very interesting subject, with interesting possibilities.
    p.s. anybody wanna come build me a gargage? ;)
  4. .....

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  5. i like the pretty flowers to the side :) the ones in backalong the fence arent so bad either......

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  6. Those babes look good enough to smoke!!!
    Great job.

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