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  1. I've heard the first three weeks or so at Great Lakes (if that's still where Navy does basic) can be the roughest if you haven't inclined yourself athletically and to function on inconsistent sleep amidst lots of formulaic screaming.  
    What I've heard most is that guys who prep themselves for the PT, lots of pushups, running, etc, are the ones that can make it through Basic with the least drama.  It's the 20% and lower people in terms of physical performance that draw ire from the Petty Officers and the other recruits (obviously amended to include anybody who doesn't instantly adjust to doing something for no other reason than because somebody told you, a skill they need you to have).
    If you make it through, hell of a lot of benefits, college money, benefits, good tech training, and LOTS of guys/gals out there as managers in the job market who see an honorable discharge as equaling "This guy can follow a groups rules, do their shit, work with people, not fuck up noisy, and probably doesn't habitually steal shit".  

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    If you get lucky you could end up on a cruiser like someone I know who visited many different unique countries. He never saw any action and re-enlisted as a recruiter and gets a good amount of money a month to pay for living expenses.

    Edit: also yea, be somewhat in good shape for boot camp. It can be hell. The person I was talking about above got pneumonia .
  3. Yeah, I've heard that too.  They nail you with innoculations against every microbial pathogen known to fuckin' man almost, but the fact is you're in close quarters with 80 guys from all over the country, 24/7, in the middle of a high-humidity government petri dish.  I heard a lot of guys get really sick the first few weeks.  
  4. the air force is better, if your looking for college benefits
  5. why would you want to supportt the militart industrial complex just to get free schooling.
    you can do that with out crazy people yelling at you, and being not free for however many years.
    and stuck out there on a boat man, somwew salalors are going to be trying to hit you up fresh meat
  6. So I aced the sample test.. the recruiter was astounded. He told me I did it incredibly fast, especially since I didn't use any paper. He said I'm "unnaturally good at math." :laughing: According to him, if I test like that on the actual ASVAB (allegedly people score 10 higher on it on average) then I can do anything I want.. even nuclear physicist. Which, if I score that well.. I'm going for it. Why not shoot big? :D
    Just need to get a photo ID then I can go for my physical and take the test..
  7. Oh yeah. You get promoted quicker in the jobs that are harder to get into because of attrition. You also get really good reenlistment bonuses because they know that with all of your training, you could make more money in the civilian world.

    I had a friend who went intel and got.a 60,000 bonus and was promoted from E-4. ro E-5.It would have taken him another year and a half to two years in our initial MOS to get that promotion and NO BONUS. Money isnt everything but something like that could set you up for much success which is the goal.

    Definitely go for those harder MOSs and good luck.
    you're pushing a one sided, heavily biased (if not psychotic) opinion at best...and as a vet, I don't like there.
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    It's not my fault that you hated your time in the military. I don't know your story but I really don't care either/

    Don't get angry with me because I didnt absolutely despise my time in the military. Sure there were days when I hated it and really wished I'd never signed up but you get those days anywhere in life.

    Life is fucking tough. So many people want their asses to be kissed and want people to take care of their feelings. The military isn't like that and a lot of people just can't handle it and end up bitter and angry towards the military.

    Welp, that's not my problem and if you want me to tell tony some sob ass story, then you tell yours.

    I can't change the fact that overall, the military was a positive experience for me.

    Instead of bitching, you could have wrote a line it two to OP that you think would help. Instead you responded to my post when I did my time and ready got my honorable discharge.
  10. My brother joined the NAVY. He was a CB. Did a tour in Iraq and and Afghanistan. He also spent time in Japan and Guam.
    I tried to join the ARMY but they wouldn't let me because of my bipolar disorder.
    So from talking to him about his experience... It sucked. He hated his time in the military, however it's really helped him get set up in life. His college is fully paid for and he's going for his PHD in pharmacy. He's also still applying for grants which is all money just given to him. He gets some great tax ride off's and a whole lot of other stuff.
    So judging from that I'll just tell you, pay your dues and tough it out for the minimum and you'll be set.

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