im going to hell

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  1. well i was watching some law video in class the other day and there was news captions at the bottom, and one of them read: Dead baby found in septic tank. Someone read it outloud and chuckled, and then i read it to myself and coudnt stop laughing. i was pretty baked mind you, but i think im going to hell for thinking thts funny
  2. nah not like you were turned on by it, then you'd go to hell.

    "dead baby in septic tank, let me get at it!"
  3. Lol, I laugh at fucked up shit too.

    Hell doesn't exist though, no worries.
  4. You know what hell is?

    Being a baby in a septic tank
  5. nope your good
  6. I laughed at the gore picture with a guy who blew his brains out and a picture of Syd from Ice Age. That's all I'm going to say because the people who have seen it know what I'm talking about.
  7. if you think about it how did he get there, its not like you can flush a baby down the toilet
  8. maybe it was a baby squirrel :confused:
  9. I've laughed at way more fucked up shit than that. I remember in 11th grade our chemistry teacher put a bunch of wild ass disease symptoms on the board like "this man's teeth break when he eats pudding" and "when you touch his legs it feels like your stabbing him". Me and about 4 other people came to the consensus that he must be a crackhead lol (we were young and dumb), so we turned that in as our answer. As soon as we were done she was like "welp, I was describing my dad, he has lead poisioning". Me 3 other guys and 2 other girls pretty much put our heads down and laughed for the rest of the class. We were pretty much laughing in her face. (Not my proudest moment I wont deny that, but remember I was like 16)

    Yours is no where near as bad as mine. I think your solid for laughing at a news caption, especially if you were high (when everything is funny)
  10. Don't feel bad I probably would have laughed too. Not at the dead baby but at were he was found. Thats pretty fucked.
  11. I used to laugh at special ed kids. Some of them tell some pretty good jokes

  12. [​IMG]

    Or a Burrito?
  13. It's cool bro gods into that shit ;)

  14. [ame=]Eight Fingers - YouTube[/ame]

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