I'm going to have to put my cat down. =(

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  1. So, I've been playing vet for almost 3 weeks now. My cat, "Brat" (was a suitable name for him when he was young) was diagnosed with Liver disease. Chronic Renal Insufficiency is what they called it.

    I fed him with a syringe every 2 hours, had to give him fluids using an IV 2 times a day, and then give him 2 different pills everyday. The second week, he all of a sudden was better. He started eating by himself, drinking water, and everything.

    Well, a couple days later, he went back to not eating anymore. All he does now is lay down in his corner, and stare. He gets up and moves to a different corner, and stairs yet again. Won't eat, and will drink only a tiny bit. Though, he will still get up and use the litter box.

    It's really sad...I feel hopeless now as I keep trying to help him, trying to feed him. The biggest worry I have, is when he goes...How will my mom act? My mom has had this cat for a long time. And she loved it so much. He's the only thing she really had anymore now that us kids were grown up and out of the house, I'm going to be really worried about her when he does go. :(
  2. you have to understand its all part of life. death is inevitable. things live their course, serve their purpose, and move on.

    you can't let it bother you, or you can. but do you want your life to stop because you lost a cat? does your mother? you gotta look at the good in these situations, after all without the bad there will be no good. losing a pet is always tough. but it sounds like the poor guy is probably suffering and just ready for it to be over. its all part of life my man.
  3. I'm sorry to hear this man, but you don't want your cat to be in pain. Ask the vet again if there is anything that can be done?

    I know it's hard to do, but sometimes getting another pet helps to cope with the loss. Eventually you will form a bond with your friend, but you won't forget those good times you had with Brat.
  4. Having to put down a loved pet is always the worst. I've had to put down way more then I want to remember. Its tough, but its better than having them suffer.
    After awhile you could always adopt a kitten.
  5. Well, my Brat is no longer alive anymore. We took him in to the vet today. I talked to the vet the day before, and she had already told me that it isn't sounding good, and I knew he was suffering. I scheduled an appointment to put him down.

    I went in there, and oddly enough, he was the calmest I have ever seen him in the car, and the vet clinic. We went in to the examining room, and for the first time in a month, he was cuddling with me, and licking me and my mom. My mom said goodbye and she had to leave the room. So I stayed in with him till the end.

    They took him out of the room to put catheters in his leg to inject him and then brought him back in. (They already injected him with something to relax him and put him to sleep.)

    When the injected him with whatever it is that "puts him down" he managed to work the last of his strength to crawl over to my arms, lick me once more, then laid his head down on my hands....And that was it. He was my buddy. One of the coolest cats I have ever seen. (A big Brat too, which, was his name. lol.) I'm just glad he is no longer suffering. I know he was in pain. He wasn't able to eat. He only ate a couple of bites in about 2 weeks. And wasn't able to get up to go to the bathroom anymore.

    The only thing that kills me is he only lived to be 4 years old. A very short life indeed.

    R.I.P. Brat cat. Love ya bud.
  6. They're so much more intelligent than we realize.. sorry for your loss; coming from a true cat lover.
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    My cat has the same thing, he's 18 years old.

    We give him an IV of subcutaneous fluid every 3 or 4 days, so he's definitely not to the stage your cat is. *edit* shit man, that's what I get for not reading the thread, sorry to hear that you had to put him down finally. :( I know how that feels, had to put my dog down a few years ago.

    My cat still eats a lot and drinks a lot of water - I think he's got a strong will to survive.

    A few months ago I thought we were going to have to put him down because he puked up everything he ate and he started shitting all over the place.

    Once we put him on the subcutaneous fluids he seemed to snap right out of it and now the only problem is he doesn't shut the fuck up whenever I'm eating food :laughing:, he just meows and meows for me to give him some.

    I'm actually going to have to give him the IV today, he's an asshole about it though and struggles with me every time.
  8. I've got a cat whose 16 and I can tell his brain is starting to go..:(

    Sometimes he just goes crazy and starts biting himself.
  9. What the fuck is wrong with you, man?
  10. life...
  11. [​IMG]
  12. Wow, you're all sorts of wrong buddy.

    Best of luck with that!

  13. thats tough bud. he's in a better place now, wherever that is. sounds like he just wanted to give you one last goodbye, that brought a tear to my eye. i couldnt even be at the vet when my dog was put down, but my dad said she was the same way. real calm, real loving for the last few minutes. they are smarter than we think they are, so they probably both already knew what was up. anyways, next bowl is going to be in memory of brat the cat.

  14. Call me overemotional but this post brought tears to my eyes......poor kitty. I'm sorry for your loss man. Can't imagine how hard it must be. Tonights bowl will be in Brat's honor.

    R.I.P Brat :(
  15. i might be a bit overemotional too :/

    i'm sorry to hear about your cat. losing a pet is a terrible loss to anyone. its the curse of buying a companion :( and i'm packing a bowl right now in your cats honor as well.
  16. Mods, I really hope you banned that kid.. :(

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