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  1. Okay I don't know where else to post, not in the growing section cause this isn't really serious/specific but I just wanted to write this.

    So I was in my van just chillin and blazin, and I was checking out the last bit of my weed, so I dumped it from the bag onto a paper just to see what was there before packing my bowl, and I noticed a couple of seeds. well 2 of them looked like crap so I didn't bother with them and put them in the bowl anyway but the other one looked good. and I was like, well I don't know I've never thought of growing before but I'm going to be baked as fuck in a few minutes maybe I'll consider it then.

    First of all growing a plant inside or outside is like the stupidest thing I would probably ever do. I'm in high school and I live with my parents and sister and they think I smoke pot and are against it (except my sister) so I think putting a plant in my closet isn't a very bright idea.

    Well I did some research (thanks to grass city too) on growing and stuff and decided to just give it a shot. Well I mean, the seed is just from the bud, so there's a chance it won't work anyway (unlike a seedbank) but it looked like a pretty solid seed (according to descroptions and pictures of good seeds) so I got a little plastic container, dug up some soil from the back and then planted it. I've gardened before but never with weed (lol). I watered it (generous but not too much amount) and put it on the top shelf of my closet, I have this really old clock radio with a lamp on it so I put that up there too, ran an extension cord for it and put in a small fan to create _some_ airflow up there.

    So I'm waiting for it to germinate, I probably should have done the paper towel method but I really didn't know about that then plus it was really impromptu. My original idea was to take the germinated seed outside when it was done germinating inside, but my friend was like OH YEAH IT'S WINTER ALMOST and I was like oh shit I didn't think of that. and I'm in BC (in canada) and it gets pretty cold here, so I think my best bet is to try to grow it inside.

    First of all of course I would have to get a planter, I have some ice cream buckets though I would imagine I could just drill holes in the bottom and put a pan under it and use that as a planter, and I can find a flourescent light and bulb around here somewhere (the lamp on the radio is something else..), and maybe line the walls (which are white) with tinfoil for more light, maybe even go as far as to add a timer to the light so I can have it cycle 12 on and 12 off (hours), and then buy a good organic (must be organic) soil.

    Oh yeah earlier today, I decided to add a very little bit of epsom salts (magnesium) into some water and watered it. hopfully this will stimulate growth maybe, or do nothing at all. I know later in the later vegetation period Mg is a good nutrient for growth I think.

    So anyway the real reason of this post was to ask what should I do with the plant. I mean, it's probably not going to be very big, but should I like sell the buds? or maybe just smoke it for myself? I don't have another source of money (yet..) so selling it is my first idea but then again the only reason I want money is to buy more weed :p and my dealer who is also a good friend hooks me up for free a lot of the time so I would like to return the favor and blaze him up (but then again even if i sold most of it I could always give him some for free..)

    anyway there is me being hopful... chances are that seed was no good and I got nothing growing my closet. Next spring I'm considering planting some cannabis along with my tomatoes in my backyard, i got the tomatoes for free (4 plants) and just put them in the ground in a random decorative area and they actually grew and produced good tomatoes.. so next year I'm going to totally cultivate the plot (it's like.. 6 by 2, not big but okay) and add some organic soil or cow manure and plant tomatoes and hide some cannabis in there.. I'm actually pretty sure I could grow a plant or 2 among 5 or 6 tomato plants without my parents knowing.. and if they saw it and asked, I'm sure I could pass it off as being an exotic flower that I bought and wanted to give as a give to my gf (they would believe that because I actually would do that).

    so.... what does grasscity think... am I just a stoned idiot or what

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