i'm going to get published.

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  1. yes, so. for an assignment in creative writing class, i mailed a poem i wrote to struggle magazine in detroit, michigan. that was about four or five months ago. today, i got a letter back saying they want to publish it. i was surprised.. i didn't think it was that good, i just sent it because it was an assignment :eek:

    the poem is about abortion (go figure). every couple of weeks we have "recital" where we read our stuff to each other. there's this guy, kenny, who's catholic. extremely catholic. he's seriously considering becoming a priest, that's how catholic he is. well, one of his recitals was three and half pages of pure catholicism. he talked about everything from gay people to divorce. i wrote the peom sort of in response to one of things he said..

    the rhymes get kind of iffy, rhyming is hard haha.

    to some, the most beautiful wonder in the world,
    is the birth of a baby boy or girl.
    they say each new child is a precious miracle,
    they forget that life is not that simple.

    megan has a third baby on the way,
    conceived in the mobile home where she stays.
    she can't afford to feed another little one,
    so she chose to have an abortion.
    should she abort her baby?

    tristen was seventeen when she got knocked up,
    inebriated from the heroin that she shot up.
    should she abort her baby?

    a medical condition plagues a woman named sky,
    before the end of her problematic pregnancy, she will die.
    should she abort her baby?

    elizabeth was twelve year old daughter,
    who had been raped by her own father.
    should she abort her baby?

    it's an unfortunate word in which we live,
    although it hurts, sometimes we must take, rather than give.​
  2. Good stuff. I've been talking to a couple people out in Cali, who are considering some of my stuff. I'm not sure what's gonna happen, but I'm optimistic.

    Anyway, that's awesome. I hope everything works out! And I hope you can get more published.
  3. Hey congratulations. that is really outstanding! thanks for sharing and good luck with your writing career.:hello:

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