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Im going to get my girlfriend high for the first time.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mctoken, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. Me and my girlfriend have dated for 9 months tomorrow.
    She was a virgin when i met her and we have been smashin for a good 6 months now :hello:. Deffinately worth the wait.
    She is 17 and i am 18. I have been smoking for about 3 years now and she has never taken a puff of grass or drank more than a couple beers.
    She got her first real job this summer and a lot of those retarded beach store co-workers are all the time talking about weed blah blah blah.
    My girlfriend dosent know i smoke. But i told her i have before and if she wants to try it then we will since college is about to start soon and all and shits gonna suck.

    So im wondering.

    Should i start her off with a blunt, or a joint?
    Filled with mid grade, or medical?

    I want her to have the best expierience possible.

    Were deffinately going to just get in my truck and go smoke on a dirt road away from any and everybody.

    so she will defffff feel safe!
  2. Man, I find joints are bad first experience, only because ive been smoking for 3 years and I still find them unpleasant at times. I'd go with a one hitter or a bubbler :p
  3. I say bong. Make her first time special with some special glass.

    EDIT: just read the bit about smoking on a dirt road. Sounds cool, I'd go with a blunt I guess. Not much of a difference between the two imo.
  4. hell yeah. i guess ima just roll up a blunt of dank.
    i told her i was gonna show her what real weed looks like hahaha.
  5. lol... Mind you she's only going to be able to take a hit or two. If not, that bitch was lying to you!
  6. either shes only gonna take a hit or two.
    or when shes done shes going to be fuckin rolling on the ground hahaha.

    but nahh im sure shes gonna be coughing up a lung!
  7. I say bong or bubbler. it will be less harsh for her and it might give her a decient high for a first timer. iv been smoking for years and i never really liked joints or blunts, they usually give me a weird taste in my mouth. The first thing i ever smoked out of was a bong and it worked well for me
  8. give her a hit of medical. thats all she needs
  9. just make sure she dont smoke too much or shell freak out....let her take a hit or two then wait 5 minutes and see how she is...if she needs more give her more...she may not even get high her first time so dont be surprised if she says she didnt feel anything...
  10. I forgot these weird people in the world exist. I am still convinced they are not inhaling right; my buddy's girlfriend was like this. Then we made her hit the bucket bong. She immediately knew she was high after she hit it..
  11. Roll a blunt
    She'll only need a hit or two
    She taps out, more for you
  12. I would go with a blunt. Joints have a bad smell when it burns.
  13. how often does it happen that girls dont get high their first time??
    i dont want to be fuckin blitzed off a blunt of medical and my girlfriend be completely sober rideing shotgun hahaha
  14. Some people really dont get high the first time and its not because they're inhaling wrong. I didn't get high my first time and I know I inhaled right.
  15. Joints are my fave lol, I love rolling up a doobie and lighting it, plus they're better for more than 1 person, if she likes weed, buy her a bong and then you can both toke :p

  16. Expectations of something Unfamiliar can be hard to 'place' in a mind that has no prior experience with a Unknown.
  17. I didn't get high my first 3 times. No idea, to this day, what I did wrong. Make sure it's smooth, and take some tasty drinks, like sobe. Bad experience if she coughs her ass off and complains about her throat hurting for half an hour. Good experience if she giggles, eats good food, has sex to good music.
    Best of luck.
  18. ^ true, first time I got high I was like why can't I see shit lool
  19. All I know is, first time I got high I greeeeenedout so bad. Must have been some really good bud cause I only hit whatever I hit once or twice. I don't even remember if it was a bowl or a J!
  20. Ever heard of shotgunning? Me and my girlfriend do that so I can just rip a huge bowl, blow her half of mine then I just suck in more air ( obviously lips touching) like a kiss but blowing smoke :p it's awsome to!

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