i'm going to get caught again, it's just a matter of time

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  1. i can't find my fucking baggy! all i remember is my friend gave it to me after we finished a few bowls out of the bong in the back of the car, and i've checked all my pockets, my car, and i can't find it. i remember having it on me, i just can't remember where I put it. if my mom finds it before me then i'm fucked!

    i've already been caught once by my mom, and if i get caught again, and my dad finds out (she promised not to tell my dad), i will be major fucked.

    what should i say if my mom finds it before me? i found it in the park and took it? omg i gotta find it! :mad:
  2. first look every where.

    if you can't find it your going to have to tell your parents you smoke weed. don't try to pull any 'i was holding if for a friend' bs. you just have to man up and act like an adult, most parents will respect that more then trying to lie about it.
  3. check the sofa:smoking:
  4. ok first of all make a list of all the places you were. either write it down on paper or type it. this will help you think in a diffrent way and make you think where you were then check every spot of those places. maybe you left it on the sidewalk or somewhere your mom wont find it thats not on your porperty or hers. so calm down and meditate (try it ) and your blood pressure will go down and you can think more clearly...
  5. maybe your friend has your weed.
  6. be honest with mom things will go easier..if you let your mind clear you might remember what the hell you did with it..check with your friend.
  7. or just move out, and not worry what your mom thinks
  8. Well Ok I know when I cant find somthing thats bad thing.

    Calm down, retrace your steps.

    Its always akward no matter how old you are, esp if you mother is old old school and despises "marihana"

    Somtimes tho you must live at home, im my case I am helping my mom, she has cancer and is in bed all the time. If I become careless and lose a bag, and she or the cleaning lady finds it, It would upset her.

    Good luck.
  9. check your bags/pockets. make sure there are no HOLES In your bags. shit this happens all the time..
  10. Who cares if your mom finds it, just make sure it's not in your car so cops don't find it. Not telling your mom you smoke pot is living a lie with your mom and isn't healthy anyway. You were gonna get caught at some point anyway, weather it be this situation or another situation. Point is, you live with her, shes gonna eventually catch on.
  11. Excellent idea..move out make up your own house rules:smoke:
  12. just say it was from before you "quit" and you never found it unless its somewhere like on your bathroom counter. in that case you're screwed.
  13. that's actually a really really good idea! i think i'll try to pull it if she finds it before I do.

    but what i'm thinking happened is i didn't put it in my pocket when my friend gave it to me in the car (which i usually do, when i'm baked i'm too lazy to put them in my pocket, so i just leave it in my lap, and plan on putting it back in my pocket, but i usually forget to do that part haha), and that either when I got out of the car it fell out, OR it fell in my car and my brother 10 year old bro through it out because I told him to clean my car for 5 bucks, and if he saw a bag with "plants" in it he probably would have thrown it away not thinking about anything.

    i'm just hoping it's one of those 2. but thanks for that idea again :)

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