im going to fail my first class

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  1. So this is my first semester of college and i am pretty sure im about to fail my college algebra class i have a 60% with one test left in the semester due tonight (which i havent studied for) along with the final exam in a few weeks. its an online class. i just cant fucking do online classes, it kills me. sadly i didnt realize until too late that online classes dont work for me particularly math. I am trying to transfer to a 4 year university from this technical college and now after failing this class im worried i wont be able to transfer...
  2. Honestly just try and buckle down and study for the exam. Do you know anyone who is good at algebra or is taking the online class as well? Maybe they can try and help you. Best of luck.
  3. while i dont always endorse college, if you're going to do it, DO IT RIGHT! you gotta put your A game into it, school isnt cheap and its also a lot of time you'll never get back. party up and live the life but also put the time in and learn your shit

    besides, algebra is basically cross multiplying... ;)
  4. i took a online math class once and failed it also.. online style not my thing
  5. Come on man...Algebra..really? and online classes make it so easy to cheat.

    Check out this guy PatrickJMT on youtube. His vids were the only reason I got through Calculus haha

    Kanaal van patrickJMT - YouTube
  6. i fucken hate school i went from a 4 year uni to a 2 year associates school. its a ton easier but im just tired of the shit in general. i wanna start a business n start maken $ now.
  7. Whatever. It's just a grade, man. Get a hold of the teacher via e-mail and ask if there is anything you can do to assure that you'll pass the class so you can go to the next one. It might be too late in the quarter, but most teachers appreciate the sentiment.
  8. It could be least you aren't doing it in a foreign language.

    Mind you, I do get dispensation for writing improper French; one lecturer even said I could write my response to a test in English, if I wanted. I didn't, in the end, but at least the offer was there.
  9. hahah failing math is a motherfucker..

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