I'm going to drug my whole family.

Discussion in 'General' started by Vicious, Sep 2, 2007.

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  1. I wake up and my mom\'s showers backed up. I haven\'t been able to use my shower for about 2 days and hers is out of order. My grandpa\'s fixing it. I simply ask him when I can use my shower and gets in my face screaming about not till he\'s done, hes working on it and tons of other bullshit. I have a short fuse so when this little man (whom I do respect dearly) comes closer and closer to me when I\'m trying to step away it\'s getting me pretty pumped. I keep my cool though and just say whatever, tell him hes over reacting, he misunderstood me, although I don\'t see what there was to misunderstand because I didn\'t say anything that should have made that reaction. I simply go to my room and he runs in bitching I have to mow the yard today. Usually I know a day before or something but he just runs in and puts it on me. He did it to me in such a disrespectful way I say, fuck the yard.

    My grandma is a worrier. She has THE WORST ANXIETY I have ever seen. She will take something that should have no emotional weight and worry about it for days. I\'ve told her to go to the doctors and everything but she would rather stick to being natural. She doesn\'t even like taking aspirin. Shes cool though. Shes the only person I can sit down with in my family and actually talk to. My mother either dismisses it or refuses to hear it. I always ask her to smoke with me. I tell her all the healing potentials of weed and how it could help anxieties if facilitated right. The other day she said she wants to have a sit down and have me tell her about meditation and other self seeking things.

    Now my Mom is the worst. Shes recently became a realiter, meaning she has no regular income and worries and mopes around all day. She has become the most depressing person to watch and I can\'t stomach it. I can\'t reassure her because that doesn\'t work. Only thing that makes her remotely happy is her boyfriend and that still is fake. She constantly lives in the past and future and cannot have an optimistic present. I think this is because of security issues from an abusive past. After taking psychology classes and seeing one myself I feel as though I can help her but heeds nothing I say.

    That have it coming to them, they\'re all getting a batch of special brownies. If they freak out about that they should look at the bright side and consider I didn\'t completely snap and use cyanide.

    I\'m not able to move out until next April, so till then I have to wake up in this depressing cesspool of emotion and stick it out. It could be worse but everyday this makes me have so much emotional baggage it\'s just annoying and sucks me into what I\'m trying to escape. This text hardly describes the mood swing I have to deal with between each and everyone of them. It\'s not regular and is borderline psychosis. Each one could be have their own case work. Soon they would probably be eligible for Baker Act. This is all natural folks, as I said they could be worse, I\'m thankful I don\'t have crack heads for parents because I\'ve had to deal with friends who do.
  2. i dont know, but talking about drugging people may be against the rules (just lookin out for ya)

    but i definately agree, sounds like they could all bennefit from smoking a little herb. if you make these brownies, dont make them strong, and plan for all of you guys to be at home and able to chill out. also plan on getting in trouble because if your mom is anything like mine, she would fucking go insnane, epsecially if she hasnt smoked before. dont forget, maybe some of them dont actually want to try marijuana and think how they may feel about themselves if it was put in their food and they had no choice.
  3. i don\'t think drugging your family is a good idea. First of all, if they never expiercenced weed before then they could definitely freak out. Especially if you give it to an elderly person withought them knowing they could have a heart attack. Personal Story: A bunch of buddies and i decided to vape from my volcano and one of my friends has never smoked bud before. So in like 10 minutes he starts to freak out saying his heart if beating way too fast and he has to go to the hospital.. (scared the shit out of me).. but we calm him down tellin him that were all like that so just relaxx and everythin will be fine. Yeah so i\'m just saying someone could really freak out and it can turn bad pretty fast, so i wou\'ld never drug someone with out them knowing
  4. It be more like me having my brownies, forgetting them in kitchen, and them eating one. Not me shoving it down their throats or anything. It would be their \'mistake\'. I was more or less ranting about my family and fantasizing about doing it If you note that only one line was about it in my whole post, aside from the title. I\'ve always wanted to bake brownies and bring them to school. I would never do that though. If I had the weed to make brownies I would, then I might leave a couple out. Right now doing it isn\'t even an option.

    I think I could maybe talk my grandma into vaping or eating. Slim chance but it\'s better than 0.

    How you think they would take it? There would be no real physical or mental harm done. Theres no fighting the power of eating weed. They might be mad at first but I don\'t think they would be able to stay mad. Not after they steam off, their eyes get heavy and they can\'t stop laughing. It would shine some light to my world. I want every person in my family to try weed before they die. There are so many reasons to try it but they have followed the negative aspects of it feed from the media. I think everyone should try it once. I just want to break their close mindededness and show them theres whole other dimensions to their reality that should be respectfully explored.
  5. Eh, I dunno. They may freak out and have a panic attack and become EVEN WORSE than how they already are. I\'d just tough it out until you are able to move out .. you\'ll TOTALLY appreciate finally being free. I know exactly what you mean about your grandmother, mine is the same way - biggest worrier I have EVER encountered. My mom is a lil bit better than her, but that isn\'t saying much - both are very ignorant and closed-minded but I\'ve learned to distance myself from that and I think I\'ve become a much happier/healthier person because of it. Distance can be a good thing at times:)
  6. It\'s wrong to give anyone else something without them knowing about it first, what if their anxiety gets worse? Plus, I\'d be pissed if I took something and didn\'t know it had drugs in it.. I wouldn\'t do it dude, that\'s lame.
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