Im going on an extended break.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Bedside Python, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. So this is the end. As I lay in my bed smoking the last of my weed in a joint (my other tools were destroyed) I sit and think about what i'm doing. Unfortunately I have to leave GC for the time being, as well as not smoking weed for around two years until I finish university. My family have suddenly become completely hostile to me, with threatening to call the police and regular THC tests. The university coming down on weed smokers have also put me in a position that it's not safe to toke up. So until I establish myself in the world and become the person I want to be.... I say goodbye to Mary Jane.

  2. FUCK THE SYSTEM!Sent from my SGH-I337M using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  3. Me to man I'm not in a terrible situation like that but I'm takin a good long break from mj. Don't plan on leaving grass city I'm addicted to this place lolSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  4. Good luck to you, friend. And well done on making a decision to get yourself ahead.
    Later days. :smoke:

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