Im going on a Road Trip from Minnesota to California

Discussion in 'General' started by 10yearnewb, May 4, 2006.

  1. And i think we are in over our heads. None the less, we are still going. We are leaving May 7th and coming back on May 17th. Its like a 2000 mile drive!!! We are planning on picking up a quarter before we go down so we have something to do on the way down. We also are going to pick some up there (woot!). Anyways, I guess i just wanted to ask if anyone has gone on a long road trip like this, and is there anything we should look out for and or be prepaired for? Anywhere we dont want to get busted? Thanks
  2. that sounds awesome. we were talking about doing that but from florida but that seemed kinda long so we've been looking at plane tickets and doing it that way next summer... that, or start an amsterdam fund...

    have fun and let us know how it went!
  3. Have more money than you think you'll need. Everyone loves the image of a bunch of broke kids making their own way, but in reality it'll make for a pretty shitty trip if you get stuck somewhere and can't afford repairs. Have a basic toolkit in the car, it helps if at least one person in the car is somewhat mechanically inclined. Makes simple repairs free and keeps you from getting ripped off on complex ones. If nobody can at least change a tire then you're short one person for your trip ;) Remember places like Wal-Mart will let you sleep in their lots. It's free and generally pretty safe. If you sleep in a truckstop be packing or make friends with at least one trucker. Know your general route so if you get really high you don't get so lost you're fucked. A little bit of preparation can make sure nothing goes terribly wrong. Use common sense.

    Oh, and whatever does happen, have fun. It's a great experience even if you have a spot of trouble here and there. Don't get too worked up over shit. You'll have a great time.
  4. I've got a 6000 mile trip coming up this summer - road trips rock!

    EDIT: Blazin'Talon has some GREAT road trip tips, these are the don't get yourself in trouble tips:

    Make a point of keeping all your shit hidden at all times on the road - don't have a bong under a seat and papers lying on the dash with a roach clip, because you'll be anxiously tossing things under bags and it just looks bad. make sure there aren't any suspicious baggies lying around either. Be polite if/when a cop pulls you over. Have an event that you are travelling to get to, and make sure you all have the same plan in mind. Print out a couple of lawyers names and phone numbers ( so that you don't get talked into anything stupid. Just don't give them probable cause, and don't lie back and take it if they are infringing on your rights. have fun!
  5. road trip to cali from minnesota sounds fun... wait im in minnesota so can i go!?!

    im not sure how much you smoke usually but i can guarantee you a 1/4 of dank wouldn't be enough for me and my friends to get there :smoke: also bring plenty of money because you never know when you might meet a new hookup along the way :cool:
  6. actually, yeah, I'd bring more weed for the trip over. I've not yet decided how much to bring on our trip. You'll have worked out all the kinks by the time I go, so make sure you keep us updated!
  7. sounds tight man...on my last road trip we cop a zone and prerolled ls and js of various wraps/cigars flavors and different juicy jay and bob marley js...i wouldnt wanna bring any glass becuase thats just htat much more evidence u got on u if somethin went down in some state

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