I'm going on 2 week vacation 10 days after I harvest

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  1. Hi everyone!...like the title says, going on a 2 week vacation 10 days after I chop 3 Blue Dream plants. My plan is to dry everything and then freeze it. Has anyone tried this? or do you have an alternate method?

    Unfortunately I planned everything poorly. Any ideas are greatly appreciated!
  2. I'm no expert, but maybe just leave them in jars to cure? I don't see why you have to freeze it
  3. Isn't there still quite a bit of moisture at 10 days though?
  4. Nah drying will be finished by then... I'd honestly just dry it a little extra dry just to make sure it's nice and dry throw a couple bovada humidity packs in with them and return to dank smoke...

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  5. I guess my question is..will freezing dried bud damage it in any way?
  6. I wouldnt freeze it. I would stick it in jars in a nice cool ,dry an dark place.
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  7. Saying that yiu could seal it an stick it in fridge
  8. I think boveda packs would be key
    Figure harvest 6 day dry, max, 4 days in jars when ya burp em leave the tops off for a bit longer than you normally would,
    Launch a couple boveda packs in on the last day and u should be more than safe.
    I know of people who freeze product, I would think that it would somehow affect the molecular make up I'll bet

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  9. I watched the Boveda video on youtube and I am sold. Great idea..thanks a bunch!!
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  10. Do not freeze. Go 2 bovedas per quart jar, since there will be a good bit of moisture in the buds, and you won't be able to burp them. You'll be fine.
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  11. Sorry LedRoB82 I guess it didn't sink in at the time. Thanks for the great suggestion!
  12. They really do work excellent. You were given good advice.
  13. There are mixed reviews on the boveda, I am a big fan, but some folks say they rob the flowers of terps, I personally have not seen that

    Booms summer scrog series:)

    Boom4200 winter spring SUMMER grow journal
  14. Poppy cock. They simply regulate humidity in the air.
  15. Eh people will believe anything though... I know some won't put them in the jars because they claim it gives the bud a chemical taste lol.

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  16. Lol. That's ridiculous. The packs contain water and salt. Some people amaze me.
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  17. It seems like the ticket for sure. I planned this grow badly and it went long due to a few unforced errors but I harvested one plant 6 days ago as it looed done. I have 7 in all. 3 Blue Dream, 2 WW BB and 2 Special Queen #1. I sampled the SP1 last night and it hit me like a sledgehammer. Nice taste too but a little harsh from being chopped 6 days ago. A nice cure with these Boveda packs and I should have something very nice meds.

    Thanks again for the advice folks..
  18. Got any pics of the special queen? I been growing her too... I'm flowering my second generation and vegging my third.

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  19. This was at 6-7 weeks in 12/12. The two Special Queen #1 plants are the short plants at the front of the pic. I made the mistake of doing the grow in my attic not realizing how hot it would become in June. Temps got up to 97F pretty quickly so I framed out a grow room in my garage and transferred everything. I still battled temps there too but not as bad as the attic. RH was up around 80 so I bought a 15 pint dehumidifier and put it outside the room by the air intake. They actually put out quite a bit of heat so putting it inside the room was out of the question. It did the trick and kept RH in the grow room at around 55-60. All 7 plants had some degree of heat stress but they hung in there and produced some huge colas. This was my 4th grow and definitely a huge learning experience.

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