I'm giving up on Weed

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Doughnut, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. Ich sage sicherlich nötig, bleibt kühl.
  2. Nothing wrong with this choice at all I think its pretty mature. I made this choice before but went back to smoking regulary.
  3. cool man i enjoy t breaks but i still come on gc haha...im on probation for abother 3 months
  4. I hardly get the munchies anymore.
  5. One never knows where life will take you.

    I hadn't gotten high since sometime in the mid 80s. About a year ago I had major surgery and the recovery pain was nearly unbearable even with the max dose of opiates -- taken around the clock. Then I got severely depressed because it seemed like the pain was never going to go away, and I was unable to do much besides sit (and sleep) in a fucking recliner. I never slept in my bed for at least the first month.

    So I tried pot again and it helped with both problems. Out of curiosity I signed up on another weed forum but it was nearly dead. So I checked this place out, saw that it was very active, and here I am.
  6. *golf clap*

  7. I think it's cool you made your own decision about not smoking weed. but you shouldn't make it sound like that's the way to go for everyone.

    Like myself, I work full time, I practice yoga, I have a pet who needs to be taking care of, friends that I hang out with, family that I love, and me time.. Between all of these things I still manage to get shit done and smoke mad dank.

    You're right. There is a lot more to life than getting high.. that's why I can't imagine not having that little treat throughout the day!


    To each their own! but, remember, what works for you doesn't work for everyone else.


  8. It's not for everyone and if you know you have a problem the responsible thing to do is quit or change which it seems you've made your job. Congrats you did the right thing hopefully it helps.

    Some people can't even handle the effects of caffeine let alone the mind expanding experience of getting high.
  9. Why does every stoner feel the need to proclaim a holiday on the day they "gave up the bud"?

    I mean you could just stop posting...:smoke:
  10. its because your smoking everyday man... smoke like only on weekends and im sure youll have a different outlook
  11. Good on ya if you want to not smoke.Ive been feeling this way aswell.My anxiety is high and even right now I have a knot in my chest from anxiety.

    If i can get past my anxiety I'll be good to go.
  12. weed doesn't make you lazy that's a choice you make, maybe u should stick with sativa's
  13. Just take a break.
  14. Ok shorty, see you later
  15. [quote name='"huckinoh"']
    weed doesn't make you lazy that's a choice you make, maybe u should stick with sativa's[/quote]

    I beg to differ... sativas do give you energy... but that goes away once the high does

    Weed does have flaws (like everything) it isn't a cure all lol
  16. Weed makes me lazy ... that's why I do it when I'm chilling, not while doing things of importance. It's like food to me. It mellows me out; both sativa and indica.
  17. I'm cutting down... Only gonna smoke on weekends... You're right OP, makes you very inefficient. Lazy... Can't accomplish anything. It helped a lot and it still does... but it's just not worth the trouble of having to hide my shit... or buying it..
  18. ^ That's why it needs to be legal. I think most of the anxiety stoners feel is from the fear of being busted. Atleast i know it really scares me.
  19. Talk about a Pandora's box discussion...

    Okay buddy!.. That's good for you!

    Weed literally does not make me unsociable, lazy or dis motivated. You know why? It's because I have a Job! I'm studying for an education!.. The only time I get to get high is after 7hrs sleep, cooking three meals and working 12hrs + homework. Good to imagine what your life like ... :wave:

  20. I am always having issues with anxiety it's like I'm thinking it's very obvious to anyone that I am stoned and I google "how to tell if someone is high" and read it 5 times then tell myself some more about how I meet the criteria, kind of hard to imagine it being legal and me not giving a fuck.

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