I'm getting some MAGIC MUSHROOMS

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by John_Galt, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. And I'd like some suggestions as to what to do while I'm tripping. I'm going over to a friend's house. Me and one other guy are going to be shrooming, and there will be a sitter there to make sure we don't kill oursleves or something like that. I'd rather not go outside as it is a police patrolled nieghborhood, so we'll be restricted to his backyard in terms of the outdoors. I've never been to this guy's house, though, but it's supposed to be decent sized. So, any suggestions? Any ideas on foods to eat or things to do that will be fun or interesting? I was thinking get some disco balls, maybe a glowstick or two, tha might be trippy to play with. Mostly just things that will bend my mind.

  2. you've got the right idea..maybe sit out back and play with glow sticks and just hang out..music and movies are good things to have access to as well in case you want some entertainment. have fun!:D
  3. you should try to go flying, I hear on MAGIC MUSHROOMS you can go flying.
  4. Yeah I jumped off a 4 story building once, Flew all around the city....I think you should try a 6 story building, you can fly farther.
  5. The thing I found out about my first time shrooming was that most everything I thought would be "trippy" or "badass" before I was tripping, I didn't even want to do while tripping. Preplanned things just for the sake of tripping out didn't vibe well with me. I did have an amazing trip though.

    But everyone's trip is different. I'd recommend a globe, like a snow globe, but not really. Preferably green. It looks like a whole new universe waiting for you to transcend to, and if you dose enough, maybe you will ;)
  6. yea man i had planned out a trip i took and didnt end up doing most of the things i tried to do lol... find some cool colored lights and look at them or the moon or stars. listen to some good music. i dont eat when i shroom cause it makes my stomach hurt so ill leave that up to you. play halo 3 online? i did it was the craziest game of my life
  7. Make sure whatever you do, you have some music with you. Music is absolutely amazing when your tripping. You probably won't want to eat or drink that much, so I wouldn't worry about that. Just chill outside and look at all the stars.
  8. fast for a good 3 hours or more before you eat them, and if you want a stronger trip try a lemon shot.

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