im getting sick of my dad.

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    i dont have a car so i have to always borrow his. He ALWAYS tells me we are going to the gym at a specific time, or i ask him if he will be home by a certain time so i can borrow his car to go to the gym. The thing is most of the time he will not be home anywhere near that time and be home much later and doesnt even call me to tell me and leaves me hanging. when he gets home he says "i was doing something"

    now i just made an appointment with my studio engineer to record a song and i told my dad yesterday that i needed to borrow the car to go there and he says he will be home by that time. OF FUCKIN COURSE, it is 5:17 and he is nowhere to be found and AS USUAL isnt picking up his damn cell phone.

    i dunno if he is mad because im not going to church and am not christian like him but i dont give a fuck, that doesnt give him the right to blow me off like that. thats just rude. if someone is counting on you for a ride then you are supposed to fuckin tell them if you cant pick em up not just leave them fucking hanging damn it. ESPECIALLY your own parents.

    and just a big fuck you to all the people who are going to say "you are spoiled he is your dad bla bla bla" DOESNT MATTER, if he notified me instead of leaving me hanging for a total amount of at LEAST 10 times then i wouldnt fuckin be mad
  2. your bst bet imo is to line up some other rides for when this happens....or take the bus:p
  3. yea thats what im gonna have to do because he isnt reliable at all
  4. asuming your over 18 get your own dam car or ride a bike your lucky your dad even lets u use his car in the first place he could just tell u to go fuck yourself and find your own way bro
  5. it's not his job to give you transportation, take the:


    you need to get your priorities straight bro
  6. hes saying his dad shouldnt SAY he would let him use the car and then not show up, thus, leaving haze hangin.:wave:

    yeah dude, time to start looking around..i couldnt stand having an unreliable person as a dependence.
  7. He's pissed because his dad who is someone who should be reliable at least some of the time isnt. If you have an imporant appointment like recording a song and were told you could use the car, it should be common fuckin courtesy to say "Hey, I'm going to be home 30 mins late".

    How come he's pissed that you dont go to church? Did all this stuff start after you stopped or what?

    Also I have to agree, if you're at least 18, cant you save up and buy a beater like every other 18 year old? My first car was a pos with no heating (not fun in -22F Canadian winters) that I bought for 500 bucks. I'm sure you could find something similar, or the issue insurance or what?
  8. maybe he is out doing drugs, getting fucked up
  9. i ended up calling him literally 50+ times and he picked up on the 51st time telling me that he was in church and hung up on me....then i called him back and asked me if he forgot about my appointment and he said "oh...." and drove home to lend me the car...this was after i cancelled my appointment but i made the appointment again at the same time and it was all good. just glad i got to record

    FINALLY people who actually get what im tryin to say

    he is pissed that i dont go to church because i told him im not going because i dont believe in christianity and im agnostic (told his this recently). it started to happen more often after i told him this even though im not sure if thats the reason.

    i couldnt buy a job because i didnt have a job long enough this summer (and couldnt keep one because i went on vacation too often)
  10. he is what he is and hes the only dad you will ever have.

    accept him and try and deal positively with whatever issues you guys have
  11. I had to buy my first vehicle, I suggest you get a job and buy one.
  12. I think you are missing what he is trying to say... It doesn't matter whether or not he should buy a car, when another person says they will do something for you, then they say they are going to do it, then don't... It gets a bit annoying. Should he buy his own vehicle?! I totally agree with you on that man, that way he wouldn't have to worry about people misleading him with their word, a thing that all parents and religious people preach about.

  13. Think you're a big shot or something, fuckface?
  14. The only realistic option is to kill him quietly and bribe the local coroner to list it as a heart attack.
  15. hahaha I added "with the pillow" in the tag :)
  16. Look on the bright side, at least you can drive.
    I can't.
    I'm terrified of driving, plus, I'm legally blind, so who really wants me driving in the first place.

    I have to get people to haul me around like a child.

    But, maybe you should establish that using the car to go the gym is for your health. Or get an elephant tranquilizer and steal it!

    idk. I never had this problem.
  17. how do you read and stuff online?
  18. BIG fuckin print my man....:rolleyes:
  19. Im an introverted person so I always have to be able to control what im doing. I dont depend on anyone ever they always screw you over.
  20. If there's public transportation in your city I don't see why you're complaining at all.

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