I'm Getting Old!

Discussion in 'General' started by Heinous Anus, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. Holy Shit.

    Its already, been nearly 4 years since I've graduated high school. I've been to every continent besides Antarctica. Yet, I still feel weird.

    In just 3 months, I'm going to be fuckin' 22. 22!? What the fuck happened!? I literally remember graduating highschool like last-week. Now, I'm 22? Wow...

    Atleast I know I have about 20 more years of farming around the world in me. Hopefully, I can be a hero at the 10-year graduation party. Man, life kicks you in the ass, fast...

    For those members who are 16 and refuse to admit it. Relish in that fact. 10th and 11th grade of highschool is a learning method. Learning how to unhook bra's with 2-fingers. Etc.

    Man, such a great time in life. :D
  2. i dropped out after freshman year, i went to the 1st day of sophomore year then i said" fuck it"

    do i regret it?

  3. :laughing: this thread is going to make quite a few blades feel like dinosaurs

    I envy the life you've lived man, it must have been/is exciting
  4. right? before i clicked on the thread i thought you were approaching your 70's or something.... 21? sorry, bud, but you're not old.
  5. Dude... I passed the 4 year mark.... um... 4 years ago.... welcome to the club :)
  6. I dropped out my Junior year. I was kinda high when I dropped out. That was the first and last time I ever went to school high.
  7. I know what your saying dude. Im half-way to 24 myself.

    I just graduated college last month and im having a hard time believeing its over. I can remember freshmen orientation like it was fucking yesterday. College was a grreat fuckin 4 years though... Now on to tackle the real world shit. Big bucks.. no whammies!
  8. Man you got the rest of your twenties to go, wait til you hit 30 like i did a few months back, now thats depressing shit................. i need a smoke.:(
  9. shit im getting ready to knock 39 yrs under my belt..... the way i look at it,,

    as long as my dick works on its own ,,,, without the help of viagra,,,,

    I AINT OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now when it quits working,,,, then we have issues!!!!!!!!!!!:D
  10. 22 and you're getting old? Im only 20 and I havent done shit with my life. You kinda brought me down man :(

    Haha not really. Actually I see this as the beginning of my life. I just hope I can travel as much as you have
  11. lol ya im about to turn 21...I still feel like a little kid struggling to catch a break in life.

    I can see your point about getting old, everyday i take ashower and see how much of my hair falls out I think about getting old. but shit.

    sounds like you need to smoke a joint and get a case of the giggles, always makes me feel like a little kid
  12. Wait a minute. You're nearly 39 and you still haven't had to use it?


  13. Can't say much, I'm turning 20 this year but I'm glad high school is over.
  14. I just turned 20 last monday, life can pass you by pretty quick. We always see it too late.
  15. maybe me and my cock are best friends,,,, but yeah it aint quit on me yet//////////////

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