Im getting fired for setting up a date with a girl? fuck it

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    I just harvested and I'm in a very good mood. I have this bullshit job that helps cover rent and provide for some money for school. Well today I got a call to come in for work. I have school so I am studying and taking tests all day. Its Friday and this girl I have been seeing really wants to get drunk with me she likes me a lot and I really want to see her.
    I told my supervisor that I am busy and  that I have a date and he got mad that I was going to go "get drunk and party" with this girl. Not saying that that wont happen it may but why is he so mad about this shit. I scheduled this and I am not scheduled to be working today.
    I then told him I would rather see this girl than work and he said that I won't be coming back and I told him I didn't care; I really don't give any shits about this job and he seemed furious and his day was so fucked.
    It sucks to be in that position but firing me seems like the last thing he needs to do because who the fuck is covering my shift tomorrow? :smoking:
    Fuck it I am sleeping in and roasting nug of the crops. I was so relaxed talking to him lol. I didn't even get upset. I was sympathetic.  I can only work so many hours a week and I need nights like this. Fuck working instead

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    They always call me in and I always stay after when they tell me too the job sucks, I can get a better one so why not? I work two jobs there and they never raise my pay. I started working one job and they got short staffed.
  3. Thought this was gonna be about boners
    Sorry to hear your girlfriend left you, brother
  4. Sometimes you gotta do you. Another job will come. Enjoy your night, brother. :smoke:
  5. Why don't employers understand that if you're not scheduled and they call you, YOU'RE ALLOWED TO SAY NO! If you're scheduled you have to work, if you're not scheduled you can choose to come in or not. That's the whole point of having a fucking schedule.
  6. Were you paid under the table? Cause I think he broke working laws by firing you on your off day AND called you at home to do it. In Cali you could take his ass to court.

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  7. Fuck that job and that douchecanoe.

    I'd tell him what a tyrannical small balled insignificant douchecanoe he is. He probably forgot what pussy is because he's married to the job that rapes him.
  8. Just remember...dont quit...Unemployment is a good backbone just incase man lol....I always, ALWAYS push to get fired. You only quit if you have a job already lined up. 

    One of my co-workers just put in his 2 weeks. Im kind of pissed cause hes the only cool fucker i can talk to. His damn fiance makes good money and yesterday she texts him saying "I got a promotion put in your 2 weeks, and ill put you through school, Be a stay at home dad"...yes i am super jealous. i was pissed off all day....hes a quitter. 
  9. Maybe he hated the job dude, I worked in a shitty soul sucking job for way too long when I should of pulled a half baked and stormed the fuck out. I ended up hating myself for that job, because to work in retail managment you have to be an insensitive uncaring asshole, only interested in the numbers, if you're anything else your bosses are up your ass with no lune.
  10. Nah man, I saw the text, hes is my friend lol. Just met through work. He did rub it in my face....when you know some one that has no stress in their life and has it easy....Kinda grinds your gears a little. 

    But to OP, Your boss cant do shit legally. You can say you hate your job all you want to him, just dont say i quit, worse case scenario you get fired and collect unemployment for a while. 
  11. Exactly. Dick move on the bosses' part. 
  12. The danger of providing too much information.
    Only tell an employer what they need to know, which in this case would have been "Sorry, I wasn't scheduled and made another commitment.
    If he persists in knowing, a simple sorry, it's personal in nature, would suffice.
  13. Tell your boss to go suck one.
    Exactly this, he doesn't need to know why you can't come in, if you're not scheduled to work. You only need to explain yourself if you're calling in on a scheduled day.
    The whole point of a work schedule is so both employer and employee can plan their lives accordingly.
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    Can you ban the troll?
  16. he's not a powerful enough wizard yet.
  17. This is entering my vocabulary immediately.

    The phrase "cellar door" is popularly regarded as the most ligusitically beautiful phrase in the English language. I'm willing to argue that "douche canoe" gives it a run for its money.
  18. here is how you handle situations like that. never ever EVER let a dbag like that try and run you. people like that know how to ride people and take advantage of them. just be confident and tell him no. don't say why or anything else, just a simple no will do. then say thanks for the call but i have to get going. then hang up. leave it short and sweet. if you let asshats like that get under your skin then they continue doing it.
    My grandmother passed away three times at my last job. :cool:
    Which troll?
    The force is in me.

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