Im getting a tattoo, what do you think.

Discussion in 'Tattoo, Piercings and Body Art' started by SEMS1, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. Hey guys I'm getting a tattoo when i get cash together, probably by my birthday.
    Then I'm getting a dragon across my right chest and the tail down to the elbow
    then eventually fully detailed sleeves :)

    This is the first one, will be on right shoulder.
    It's how I'm know by EVERYONE i know, Akens One.
  2. Looks really cool, man! I don't know if i would get the sharp shadow stuff by the A and O, but that's just me. I think it will be a sick tattoo.
  3. Its going to be faded with the dragon behind it anyway it will look good once there is color bro :)
  4. Haha no one cares :eek:
  5. Alright then, it will look sick! post pictures when its done bro :)

    Just fuckin relax aye!
  6. Sems bro, art is a beautiful thing, but I just don't think it belongs on a body.

    Then again, that's speaking for my own personal body. I'd hate to have part of my body covered up by ink, but if you have to do it, just makes sure in twenty years you'll still think it's tight.
  7. thats sick i can't wait to see pics of the dragon.
  8. :D

    Me neither
  9. I think i will man, it will be done perfectly, not going to waste money and ruin
    my body with something i wont like. :)
  10. omg my eyes going to explode because thats sho cool! ;)
  11. that's sic man, is this ur first tat?
  12. Yeh man, gonna have some money so i figured i may aswell finally get it done.
  13. that looks really cool..
    but what does it mean?

  14. My nickname is Akens1 :p doesn't mean anything really.

    It was my "Graffiti tag" from the age of 11 so it's how everyone
    has known me ever since, grew outta that many years ago now. :smoking:
  15. a dragon? you should get a pot plant growing across and down your arm fo sho
  16. Maybe :D
  17. Sorry but that star is way over-rated. So many people have those.

    otherwise, IT looks good!
  18. I love it Sems! :cool: Actually I love tats in general. :eek: I'm about to get my sixth.

    Do it and post pics, it'll look awesome! :D

    (Have a spliff first, it helps with the pain ;))

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