I'm getting a kitten today!!!!!!! :D

Discussion in 'General' started by JollyRoger227, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. In T-minus 3 hours, my little kitten will be home :) I went and picked him out the other day, he's a little boy tabby cat. He's a buff color with white stripes on him. He's a little cutie pie, I still haven't made a concrete decision on the name yet.

    I was thinking Ollie, short for Oliver, Kimba or Moe.

    But I'm open to suggestions if anyone can think of a good one! He's small, and he's not very aggressive. If I had gotten his brother, I would have named him Maximus, he was so big when he was born his mom had to have a C-section because he couldn't fit, and he weighed 2 pounds more at birth that any of the other babies! :eek:

    But my baby is a little guy, and he's so cute :D Well I'm gunna go finished knitting his blanket for him for when I go and pick him up, so let me know guys of what you think about the names. This is only the second boy animal I've ever owned, so I'm bad with coming up with names :p
  2. forget those names...name him "KITTY NATION"!!!! :D
  3. If it is a boy name him Mr. Whiskers!!!!!!!

    I wish I were getting a kitten.
  4. show us a picture

    you should name him mr(s) fluffers
  5. Nah man, "Waffles"! I know i took it from a cartoon, but it's funny as hell... Anyone remember the animaniacs cartoon with mindy and buttons? For some reason i was thinking about that last night, heh.
  6. I thought tabby cats were always female...
    about the name tho, id call him....
    [SIZE=-1px] Chairman Meow[/SIZE]

  7. Nah its the calicos that are always female. Also Chairman Meow would be an awesome name, me thinks that idea is deserving of some rep. Hm lemme think of a name, uh liberatchi? Haha, apart from that you could always call him "Gir" (but only if he's retarded)
  8. Patience! only like 2 more hours, I want the baby soo bad :(

    But of course I'll take a bagillion pictures as soon as he's home.

    Oh, and to whoever said waffles, my friend has two cats, they're twins named Waffles and Pancakes LOL

    And yea, tabby is just a type of pattern that the cat has, not an actual breed or anything. Tabby cats have the M on their forehead, that's how you can tell. :)
  9. grats on your new cat. I have only one, but love him to death, he's so chill, he's just like me.

    When he knows im sleeping he'll meow his head off and start pawing my door knob until i open it, just so he can lay down with me. lol.
  10. thats awsome, I think a good pet name is jaundice. its a liver disease wild dogs and infants get
  11. Well here he is!

    Unfortunately my other pets are either indifferent or pissed. My cat Midnight, I really wanted her to love him and she just hissed, twice. I have NEVER seen this cat hisS before, so I'm worried. I hope she doesn't feel like I'm replacing her after 7 years, she is MY cat, and I still love her to death :(

    But here is the baby, he's chillin on my lap right now while I'm typing this, he's mad chill what about K.C. (killer chiller) for a name? LOL j/k

    I'm looking up some zen/chill type names, I think that'd be best for him. He's so peaceful it's amazing!





    ISN'T HE ADORABLE??? :love::love::love:
  12. HAHAH awesome kitten. It also looks like the "Dude. Wait, what" cat.
  13. lol the dude, that'd be a cute name :p
  14. after seeing those pictures im seriously considering getting a cat, how much does a kitten cost?
  15. Some people give them away for free, check papers and stuff. I paid 50$ for my little boy, and that's for him getting de-wormed, checked for feline leukemia, and getting all but one of his baby shots.

    You should this is my third cat in the house right, now and I've had more and they are just so loving. You won't regret it dude.

    For the cost of a slice of quality herb, you can have a cat that will love you for life!
  16. Three cats is too much,I'm gonna stop at two,and one Dog for good measures.

    I currently own one,his name is Max short for Maxamillion or Maximus wahtever,I think you stole my name Jolly,JK girl...:p

    Mkae sure to get some Catnip,and refrain from doing the other thing.It's a respect thing I guess?????

    I want oanother cat so bad now,your making me jealous.....:eek:
  17. Oh you can never have just one cat, we've got 3 now, 1 dog and a fish. We've had a zoo at one point practically, 3 cats, 2 dogs, guinea pig, gerbil, 9 fish, and I believe we may have had a bird at this point too?

    My mom says he's "boring" but I love him to death :D

    I really need to start thinking of names for this little dude
  18. can you name him somthin pot related? im really not a cat person but he is pretty cute.
  19. name suggestion:

    dr. evil

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