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Im getting a filling in my tooth

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by johnnyginge, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. Does anyone suggest I dab hash oil before hand? I hate the dentist
  2. doing things i hate doing, doesnt get batter when im high

    oh yea, i hate having my teeth drilled, so lets get high, and get my teeth drilled!

    no lol waste of a high imo and, if you end up in a slower time high, you will feel like you are there for so fucking long
  3. how about you go to the dentist, get the drilling out of the way
    & reward yourself by dabbing some hash oil when you get home.
  4. I should have clarified. I was going to do it to help with the pain. Will it be necessary?
  5. lol its not going to make drilling hurt less (depending on where they do it, may not even hurt, ive never felt pain getting a filling hahah)

    id say save it for afterwards... it may not help with immediate pain, but it will help with any soreness or lingering pain afterwards...

    Think of it this way, being high your mind is altered... either way, the dentist is going to suck ass, its the dentist... would you rather be high, and it suck ass, or sober and it sucks ass then you get high and forget about it lol

    or both i guess... i just dont like being high, cotton mouth, with a dentist up in my shit
  6. I should have clarified. I was going to do it to help with the pain. Will it be necessary?
  7. If your're worried about the pain of drilling, ask your DDS for extra Lidocaine.

    I'd never smoke before the dentist. I got a script for unmentionables from my doctor, so between that, the gas, and Lidocaine, I feel nothing.
  8. If my 7 yr old can do it I'm sure you'll be fine

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