Im geting into a fight 2marro, Got any tips?

Discussion in 'General' started by KilltheKlown, Oct 24, 2003.

  1. This person is about the same size as me. Anyone got any boxing tips they would like 2 share?
  2. lol... first fight or something? first off bring some buddies unless its only you 2 fighting (as in no one else knows your fighting) its not going to a boxing match... your going to want to get him on the ground and beat the shit out of him....

    what yall fighting for?
  3. Yea try to get him on the ground as quick as you can then beat his face into the ground I would bring some friends just incase he has some and even if he dont just kick his ass even more.
  4. lol not my first fight, just, this guy is more or less bigger than me, and he's on the football team, and bringing all his football friends, im gonna need somthing extra to help me woop him... lol and there WILL be people, but he he comes to take me down or sumthing, i'll bring him to the ground and slaughter him :)
  5. what happened to a good old fist fight regulated by buddies of both sides. smashing peoples heads into the ground...hangs head
  6. just use your fists (don't bring any weapons of any kind to "scare" him... that can be bad)

    you don't want to be jumped by all his friends make sure and get some back...

    there was a fight a few weeks ago off campus i was with my friend and we were suppose to fight this black guy and all his friends (he jumped my lil brother) well we pull up at this field and we defintly had him outnumbered everyone starts talking shit and all and he pulls a gun out and unloads a clip into the air... holy shit we ran to our cars so damn fast.... my buddy jumped in the car through the moonroof lmao...

    moral is don't be a pussy and bring guns, bats or whatnot just give him a good ass kicking...

    any reason ur fighting?
  7. walk away.

    if you can't there is only one single rule: never underestimate your opponent.

    If you want/need to inflict pain to your opponent, you must be ready to receive pain; if you are not ready to receive pain, than there's little chance you will inflict any.

    Don't talk, don't interact with your opponent or anybody in front of him, don't ever let your eyes off of him. Wait until the fight starts to express anything. that WILL SCARE HIM.

    No defensive technique is as efficient as an offensive one. (yea i know taichi addicts would not agree, but you need twenty years of taichi to be untouchable)

    wear dark closes. make sure they are tight to you body.

    try to have the source of light in you back.

    don't stop fighting until your opponents pleads you to. once he does, don't let your eyes off of him. let hime walk away first.

    Slap your face right now real hard, so that you remember how physical pain feels /before/ the combat.

    See if he's left handed or right handed, and attack on his weak side.

    during the first few seconds of a fight opponents usualy look at each other trying to judge their opponent's strenth/stamina/etc...
    Suprise him: don't, and attack asap.

    footballers are usualy good at taking hits, and give hiits that have lot of power, they also have stamina, but they also have a relatively poor aiming and moving.
    Know thy strenghs and most importantly know thy weaknesses, and use both at your advantage..

    drink a real orange juice 90-60 mn before the fight (drink it SLOWLY).

    from now on, no weed, no alchool until he pleads you to stop pounding on him.

    etc etc ...

  8. this is low...but if all else fails, go for the nuts (i dont will get him to stop at least for a little bit) if you dont want to do that, make sure to for the stomach, and then the face (hell prolly be expectin ya to hit him in the face first, if hes expectin anything)
  9. Dude, you gotta ask yourself if you can beat him. Never go into a fight you can't win. If you think you can beat him, make sure you bring friends. That way if he pulls a knife or something else you'll have people to back you up. And what that other dude said, best defense = good offense, it's true. And remember, this ain't no bowin match. Pummel his god damn brain on to the side walk.
  10. ahhh the nuts question....

    i said it earlier: there is only one single rule in a street fight: don't underestimate your opponent.

    (which means there are no rules regarding nuts)

    be ready at anytime to receive a blow in your family jewels.

    If you do stop breathing and push like you were on the toilets, to bring blood to the area: it stops the pain right away, which is very suprising ..

    as to the question should /you/ go for the nuts ?...

    Well personaly I'd go for the nuts just before getting killed/stabbed, because I consider doing so will unleash in my opponents blood system a rather large amount of adrenaline, which is not in my favor.

    I mean I think that either you actually squash them (thus killing the guy through the pain: he won't be able to use is uper legs). either you give him a kickstart during the fight, which is not good.
  11. And I forgot to say, nothing wrong with going for the nuts. Oh, and if you don't think you can take him straight up, then beat his ass some other way. He can't always be watching his back.
  12. What are you two fighting over.
  13. to get physicaly ready: wake up early go runing to increase your stamina, THEN have breakfast.

    to get mentaly ready: get ready to take the beating of your life. Do not think no more about the reasons of the fight, nor the outcome. Focus on this single fact: only one will walk out of it. the other wil crawl.

    oh, and

    " be water, my friend. "

    keep us posted.

    ps: if friends come over tell them not to sheer you up, not to talk, no nothing. 'nothing' is always scarier than 'anything'.
  14. btw I do not wish you luck

    you should have resolved this situation another way.

    (and luck has nothin to do it this)
  15. I wish you luck dude. I may have to crack some heads myself in the next two weeks.
  16. go for the nose, hit him in the nose as hard as possible and try to break it. when you break someones nose their vision gets blurry and you will have a distinct advantage because he wont be able to see too well.
  17. if i KNOW i'm gonna fight someone like ahead of time, i'd wear a cup :D no shittin, i'd wear a cup, and have a mouthpiece for my teeth. there's no reason not to for real. you'd be better prepared to deal out some ass kickin and better prepared to take some ass kickin. get kicked in the nuts with a cup on and be unphased, that might worry whoever you're fighting :D as a matter of fact, start the fight off like that, stand bowlegged and say "c'mon bitch, kick me in the nuts, you can't do nothin to me" :D
  18. if u really are unsure of ur self and this is that important which no fights ever are, they can always be solved peacfully, but get ur hands on some pcp and kick everyones ass. but of course u would really have to be desperate, like fightin for your life, but i doubt this is a fight till the death.
  19. heres one hell of a good fighting style.... hockey fightn.

    Get up close to your oponent and grab the side of his coller, pull it up high and then pull it over his head. while he cant see nail him as many times in the ribs stoamch and then lastly the head. since your so close to him he will have less of a chance to bring his arm back and hit u cuz he will by tryin to get u off him.

    knockin som1 in the stoamch is very helpfull, when u loose ur breath u dont get as much oxygen in ur blood stream makin ur muscles give up faster. when u are backed away from him for a moment take in as much air as possible.

    anyone that kicks another in the nuts deserves not to have them, srry guys but its just wrong, it crosses the line, if a guy hit me in the nuts id have to beat him to a pulp for real. and then stomp his nuts down,,,,,,, uch so wrong.

  20. im gonna have to agree with herojuana on this one....

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