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Im fucked

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Treechillin, Jan 14, 2014.

  1. So My parents caught me a few months back and it wasn't pretty, now I get drug tested monthly and I can hardly pass the test, I fear the worst to what my parents will do if they catch me again, they never caught me in person but have found my pieces stashed. I have a 3.8 + gpa and that's bad to my parents , I know it's not bad but my parents put me on high standards and I'm an only child , I've been questioning living a lot lately and I just wanna smoke because I feel I can control it, I'm just worried about my parents taking away all that matters to me, such as hanging out with my friends (the few I have ) and listening to music and biking (bmx) or even giving me up to the popo. I know smoking Mary isn't good but I feel that I can control it, but my parents are controlling and I don't wanna go through what happened the first time I got caught ever again. I don't know what to do, I don't know what they will do if
    I fail the test. I know the risks and all and they don't seem to get that I understand what could happen to me. Just wanna blaze. Fuck.
  2. If you "know" it's bad, it likely is not for you.
    What grade are you in now? 3.8GPA is pretty good, no one is perfect. :smoke:
    lol don't smoke man. its there house. do whatever you want when you can afford a place. you don't need weed, you can live without it 
  4. Yo it's for me, I just know the risks of it, and I have respect for my parents , I don't smoke around my home or come home high ever I know
  5. just gotta wait to be on your own man, thems the breaks.
  6. [quote name="phunk doc" post="19334644" timestamp="1389656085"]just gotta wait to be on your own man, thems the breaks.[/quote]Too long I know
  7. Plus it's impossible when all your friends do it around you , you know the feeling , that shit is not easy. I haven't for awhile but the amount who do it is growing.
  8. Risks?Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  9. You're wrong, it isn't bad. Keep blazing, just don't smoke in their house.
  10. Honestly, you obviously have a great future ahead of you, you're doing good in school, there is no point in wanting to take your life. You just got to grind it out with your parents and when you're out it's your life.
    Or just don't get caught lol but now that you have the drug tests that sucks. I'm fortunate not to have been caught yet as I've been smoking for 1.5 years now and my parents don't have a clue.
  11. Aight dude.
    As much as this is gonna suck, you should probs quit.
  12. Only smoke when you go out
  13. Take nude pics of yourself & stick them in your parents dresser & call child services then you can getta new daddy who might let you blazeSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  14. I smell a troll.. 3.8gpa and there mad!
  15. this thread is pointless if you think that smoking Mary is bad
  16. Their.
    Likely because he is way too young. :smoke:
  17. Facepalm... they're*
  18. Ha ha, that's what I get for being in a hurry. 2 dumb ass points to self. :smoke:
  19. HA!
    Am I the only person that caught this? Or did everyone just skim it.
    Dude. It's high school (probably). If your GPA is 3.8 you have a bright future and a college career ahead of you.
    You'll forget about this shit soon and in a year or two you can sit back in your own place, smoke a bowl, and laugh about how petty high school was. 
    You need to have a serious talk with your parents about the choices you make and why you make them.
    If that fails, you gotta bite the bullet and just quit for awhile.
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