Im fucked up

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  1. l€adys and gentle men, im drunk as tits, and high as shit, im bored, my gf won be here for about 2 hours, whats goin on with everyone? I wanna chat :D
  2. We're all fucked up.
  3. Tell me about it :)
  4. You wanna know my past?

    Break up with your GF now.

    Otherwise, treat her with the god damned respect she deserves, or break up with her now.

    If you wont do that, she doesnt deserve you, you piece of shit.
  5. This thread has just been serioused
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    Im drunk.

    Fuck you.

    But seriously, make shit up with her. you do NOT want a fucked up relationship/
  7. You would wouldn't you.

  8. The fuck?

  9. End there.
  10. so wtf is up with you, wha crawled up your ass to try to insult me?
  11. No you stuck your head up your own ass and insulted know by stickin your head...up your ass. Quotes son quotes get on that shit
  12. Awesome. Everyone is drunk.
  13. You drunk kids are so cute when you get feisty.

    You want the ball? Huh? Go get thhaa bawl.
  14. [ame=]YouTube - Gong - Pinkle Ponkle[/ame]

    (if you know what i mean)


    (you dont)
  15. drunk
    you're lucky you've
    a signifacant other
    others aren't so
    be happy!
  16. i hath not drink the Ale.
    but i hath come with plenty of Heeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrbbbsss moonnnnnnnn

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