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  1. Hi all. I got myself into a little problem. Im $5k deep in seeds/equip, im 1 month into my second grow, and all my plants stand at 3 inches at best, and havents moved in at lesat 2 weeks.

    "grow" 1: I started with 30 seeds from attitude under 2 600W MH converter bulbs with a 800 cfm fan all running 24/7. The frist 5-7 days went well with normal growth. Then all the sudder the growth stopped and didnt do much for about a week. then the leaves (on my 4 inch tall plants) turned blueish-purple and then yellow, and then eventually dry to a crisp. All the while they never got any taller. Im not really sure what happened. I had the lights about 12-18inches away while they were babies and Im thinking that was my problem...ANY IDEAS??????

    "grow" 2: My friend hooked me up with some ***seeds ***from his grow. I germed them they grew to about 3 inches and stopped. I used T5's this time to insure I wouldnt burn. They have been at three inches for over 3 weeks now. No discoloration like the last grow but they arent moving. ***seeds*** He started with cuttings from a plant that was a few weeks from harvest. The cuttings didnt do a damn thing for 2+ months before reverting back to veg. The strand he acquired NEVER has seeds yet when he was done, there were roughly 2-3 seeds per eighth. Someone told me it produced seeds b/c they were doing it out of sheer survival (from the shock early on) vs. producing seeds out of production. IS THIS WHY MY PLANTS ARENT MOVING????

    Im running out of ideas, money and time. can someone please help me figure WTF is going on here??? I appreciate any help you might have...
  2. Have you checked your ph? What nutes are you using? How much?
  3. well one very important thing i dont see is ur nutes, what are u feeding them?

  4. exactly what I was about to say.
  5. If they are so young, he shouldn't be feeding them anything. The first set up just sounds like it might be burning, but the second one just seems weird. Have you checked the pH of the soil? What did you do to them and what was your watering schedule?
  6. what soil are u using man?
  7. Im not using nutes yet. they arent big enought yet. I wish I had a camera and I would show you. The PH here is just under 7.0 so im not too worried about that. 1st grow: I put the lights so close b/c i had a fan running through which left NO heat. a grower/friend thought maybe they were getting too many lumens at such an early age and since they were stunted at such an early age they were pretty well screwed. I hung in there for awhile but they never improved.

    Do you think my second grow is stunted based on where they came from? The plants that produced the seeds went under so much stress for a long time....

    this is driving me crazy. its not my first grow, just the first one in a long time. A retard could at least grow weed...maybe not the dank buds but even a retard can provide water, light and air. Im stuck here fellas? Im afraid to order more seeds if im only going to get the same result..

    Soil: I have all kinds of different mixes going b/c Im not sure where the problem lies. I have some in all coco, some in all soil, and some in this high priced seedling starter soil. WTFFFFFFFFF

  8. Amen! They are too young, or in my case, too small for nutes. Im guessing, hoping the first problem was just a burn from too many lumens, not too much heat. The second IS fucking weird. They look great but they are stuck, man. Not moving an inch. I havent done shit to them. I water them every 3-5 days. Not too moist, not too dry. No bug prblem, not temp problems, nothing. do you think they are only following in the footsteps of the plants they came from? I really cant think of anything else at this point and I need to figure it out...QUICK!!!
  9. You didn't say what medium you were using, but let me tell you what happened to me. My first grow started off with all new equipment. Grow went fabulous. Second grow, not quite as big, same number of plants, same genetics (clones). Third grow, still less. Finally I figured I wasn't cleaning my 'rocks' good enough between grows. I bought new rocks and the next grow went backk to doing well. Make sure you're doing a good job of cleaning EVERYTHING between grows, it'll make a difference. Just a thought, of course it could be a different problem altogether, so read everyone's suggestions. Later... :smoking:

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