Im from an aerosol era

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  1. Where we smash the yards, while children hitting the system with the maddest of art, rocking the city getting busy while where kickin some ass, miss the days of 97 of rackin cans and painting the cop shop those were the days
  2. times change, deal with it.
  3. for all you may know you may be looking back at this time era and being "damn i miss those days"

    Enjoy it while it lasts!
  4. Sounds more like an asshole era to me, but :confused_2:
  5. Bias b, trains rockin' fresh peices.

  6. He was only reflecting on good times, why so bitter?

    I was a 90s baby, so I unfortunately didn't grasp the significance of the time period until late in the 2000s. However, the 90s sound like they were great.
  7. Wasn't trying to be bitter, just a fact.

    I wish the 90's was still around. My cousins grew up in that era and they turned out to be the best people i know. Unlike now where people only worry about lookin fresh and wearing 100 dollar polo clothes -____- If your not rockin brand name shit, your out of the loop.
  8. Everyone thinks there time period of youth was the best time period to live in, when really its just the fact that there getting nostalgic about there youth, and its not really the time period.

    Everyone here loves the 90's because most people here grew up in them. But go ask some 40-50 year old guy how awesome the 70's where.

    People tend to think there generation of youth was the best and everything after they grew up just sucks. When really everything sucked when they where growing up, its just that everything was romanticized by the fantasy of youth. Then they grew up and instead of realizing everything sucks regardless of time period, they just think everything was better when they where young.

    Example, if you where 24 in 1990, I bet you would think the 90's sucked ass and the 70's-80's where awesome.
  9. I turned 40 this year, so I was born in 71. The 70's were boring because I was a kid. The 80's and 90's kicked ass.

  10. Ah, word. I only mentioned that because it didn't seem like he was complaining, ya know? But I see your point.

    I kind of have a love/hate relationship with this era. Our technology is highly convenient, though it's also:
    Decreasing REAL social interaction, everything is viewed on a screen, and Newspeak is in full effect (lol, lmao, etc). The youth have been entrapped in this little bubble of social networking for so long, independent thought has almost been lost entirely (Twitter with their Re-tweets).

    Now I admit, I am guilty of this myself, as I do have a Facebook and Twitter. However, the upside to this technology is it's easier to promote your music if you're an artist on "the come up".

    I'd rather be in the system and aware of its plans, than be in the system and be oblivious to what goes on around me.
  11. I totally feel you op, i used to paint all over the place. I racked 17 cans but i stopped that shit because stealing isnt cool. I also stopped painting about 3 months ago because i got arrested and the charges for a second offense arnt worth the fun. Ive got some sick pictures but i dont know how to upload them from my fone. Ive only hit the train yards a few times, its not as exciting as doing city walls and bridges and shit. I can see my art from the road, its great because most of them havent been buffed.
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    Same =) '91 all day muthafuccckkaaas
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    No need to be a douche man I was just reminiscing not complaining,peace n pot
  14. everything seemed slower and more chill in the 90s. crazy fucked up shit seems to be happening everyday since 9/11. id give anything to go back.
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    Yea man exactly.

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