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I'm Freaking Out

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by EFS, May 27, 2009.

  1. Yeah I can't wait to tell my friends how stupid I got =). Yeah, its nice now, Im just chillin. Thanks everybody for making me feel better!
  2. but next time when you are thinking of studying after smoking up, remember less is more. you will find it a lot harder to study the more you smoke. i'd probably stick with one nice bowl pack and get to work after that.
  3. Ok. Most of the time when I smoke I get a little like this but I just geek out forever and just chill. This was just like insane, I think it was especially insane because waterfalls and GBs fuck you up! lol
  4. Ok so I'm pretty good now, I'm just really really tired, and can't find anything, like usually. I lost the keys to my safe which has all my shit in it =( Oh well, hopefully I'll find it soon....
  5. Lol you went toally para-boaby there.
  6. Shit, I would love to get shutter vision every time i smoke.
  7. try drinking lots of cranberry juice it might help you clean your throat
  8. You're just toasted man. If you smoke some good herb out of a waterfall it can get you really stoned.
  9. lol first time i hit a huge gb i thought i was on crack. you just gotta smoke less
  10. Hey all, my bud came over tonight and he told me that its was a panic attack. We looked up the symptoms and my symptoms matched perfectly. I then read that pot can cause panic attacks. So yeah, after the attack went away it was good. I hope that doesn't happen next time! If it does, at least I'll know that I'm not gonna die!

  11. yes i believe you have aids...the easiest way to cure it is a swift kick to the dick

  12. Lol good one =/. Yeah dude, I mean when you don't know whats going on, its scary. I knew I couldn't die, but I felt like I was...

  13. word...u just had a panic attack..ive watched a friend have one when he was was fucking weird

  14. Yeah dude, I had no one here with me and thats why it was getting worse. I filmed myself "dying" and shit. I just watched the video, I could win an award, that shit is classic

  15. yea my friend was sweating and shit just laying on the couch saying im dieing...then someone gave him water and he just snapped out of it...really weird/funny when your high to watch
  16. Yeah, well the problem was, I drank water, and ate a ton, but still felt it. I over exaggerate a lot of things, so I think thats why it hit me so hard. And like, I wasn't about to call the hospital because 1. Thats crazy 2. If its my time to go its my time simply that 3. I was stoned outta my mind too. And I wanted to sleep it off, but I was so afraid that wouldn't wake up. Im not afraid of death, but I needed to say a few more things to people I know, cause yesterday I was in a bad mood and I was a dick to everyone. I don't wanna die with people mad at me =).
  17. Yeah so its like 7:00 AM here on the East Coast, and I'm about to go to class but I just feel super weird, like about yesterday I just feel weird and idk how to describe it. Oh well, I have to go anyway =/

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