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I'm Freaking Out

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by EFS, May 27, 2009.

  1. So, I have been smoking like a month now. Today I got home and smoked a gram of some new shit out of a waterfall bong. So right now, I have pains in my chest and neck, and Feel like I'm fucking dying, like its crazy. I know no ones ever died from pot, so what the fuck is going on?

    Oh, and would putting the weed in a mason jar that was washed out with dish soap a day before cause this? Or plastic fumes from the cap of the bong?

    Thanks for any help, please respond so I can chill and stop sketching out!
  2. Just a bad high or enviornment. You'll be fine, every toker has experienced this at one point or another.

  3. Ok, so I love MJ and I don't wanna have to stop. So should I bet afraid next time I toke up?
  4. Your chest and neck are probably hurting because you are tense from being freaked out.
  5. Your fine, your just high and slightly burnt your throat off really hot GB smoke.
  6. I'd say the pain could be from either the waterfall bong or the harshness of the herb, or a combination of the two.

    Waterfall bongs are harsh as hell sometimes, so if you're not used to them they can be pretty crazy. I've coughed to the point of feeling like I was going to pass out off of those before. :p

    If you're used to waterfalls, then it's probably just harsher herb than you're used to. :smoking:

  7. Yeah my throat hurts like bloody fuck. I have exams tomorrow and I'm trying to study, so is the text going to stop moving on the screen within like 2 hours so I can fucking work? Oh, and could the "soapy" mason jar cause this shit in any way?

  8. Just drink water..itll go away.

    besides making the smoke taste a little soapy it wont hurt you.

  9. Ok, like I understand it might just be a bad high. But like, If I had this feeling again (of course without the pains), I could enjoy it. Like my head, I just feel like I'm floating and in a dream you get it? Like Its kinda chill, but I freaked out because I have never had a feeling from marijuana like that. Can dank buds give you mild hallicogiens? Or shit like that, because I just feel like I'm melting in the chair and text is just moving
  10. If you're not experienced and you've only recently started toking, then yes you could have very mild visuals. By mild I mean your vision is kind of distorted. You're just really really high, and the more you smoke, the higher your tolerance will get, preventing you from feeling such effects again.

  11. Yeah, thats ok then. I know it can give you couch lock, and thats how I kinda feel like im melting into the couch, so I guess thats normal. IT was good bud tho, so I guess thats why
  12. i used to experience shutter vision as an inexperienced toker.

    you will be fine, just eat something and drink some water man.

  13. Yeah well now I'm enjoying it because I'm assured that I am fine now. But what Im saying, is it normal to feel this way, would this be a "good" high?
  14. well i would call it normal i guess, cause it happens to most when they have a low tolerance/ first start smoking.

    anyone correct me if i'm wrong

  15. this. just tell yourself you are fine and do something you enjoy. put some relaxing music on and watch a show or play a video game or something. if you just sit there and think about it, it will only get worse.

  16. Ok, how will I start to feel as I build up a tolerance
  17. that is for you to find out young grasshopper :)

  18. LOL I hope I can study in awhile tho =(

  19. Use some self control next time. Unless you're smoking schwagg there's no way you needed to smoke a whole gram :rolleyes:

    You just overdid it.
  20. As everyone has said before me; You are going to be alright. Just relax and take it easy until the effects wear down. Don't get worried it if takes longer than usual for your effects to wear off. This should be normal because of the amount you smoked and your tolerance. Then you can get to work. ;)

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