Im freaking out, any one who knows chem plz help

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  1. The following decomposition reaction SO2Cl2 yields SO2 + Cl2, was run in a laboratory. The following data was obtained

    Time (s) Pressure of SO2Cl2 (atm)
    0 1
    2500 .947
    5000 .895
    7500 .848
    10000 .803

    What is the overall order of this reaction? You much show complete proof of this answer

    I don't expect any of you to actually do the problem but if you can just explain how i derive rate law from the information given? I am used to deriving it from concentrations not pressures and times. like rate = k[A]

    if you can just get me there i can do everything else on my own

  2. We're doing shit like this but focusing on [reactants] and seeing how change in [reactant] will effect the reaction rate. Also figuring out the rate of elementary steps in order to determine order and the rate. How did your prof say to figure out order using pressure and time? Dont really know how to help you

    edit: -D[SO2Cl2]/DTime=D[SO2]/DTime=D[Cl2]/DTime
  3. what i typed out is the exact question, i feel like its not enough info! what are you refering to by D?
  4. delta aka "change in"
  5. oh alright, and it actually wasn't that hard as pressure is interchangeable with concentration

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