im flying and want to talk to some people. mental illness? 2012?how to pick up girls?

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    normal nick hear. they say i have scitzophrenia but i think im some sort of deity because i only remember being here since i was born in 1990. you all can read my thoughts and talk to me like im scum 99% question one, why? so anyways i just try to take my medicine with regards to the voices but you, you've all been here for at least 1999 years conscious of all your past lifes living out your negative karma by a combination of lifestyle, tragic events and i dunno, im high keep watching

    hear you go

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  2. how to pick up girls? convince them you're the only one to have survived the apocalypse....plant your seed, and flee
  3. Dude zombies have pretty much taken over the southern US right now, hell im in my bunker as i type this.
  4. aha your funnyyy
  5. I heard a comet the size of texas just hit Australia. Impact hasn't hit us yet.
  6. i guess i believe you
  7. You guys are scaring me
  8. You ate 2 and sniffed 2? Definitely sounds like weed to me!
  9. what about 2012 and how the world is probably going to change
  10. Laugh
  11. are you serious amigo im really guiliable i guess
  12. Sniffing drugs is so overrated. Derrrp.
  13. Normalnick isn't normal
  14. [quote name='"normalnick"']aha your funnyyy[/quote]
    This no joke man!

    There are zombies popping up all across the u.s.
    Get your bear rifle ready Canadian..
  15. It's ok, zombies can't get past the complexness of our igloos

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