im flabbergasted...

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  1. The girl I was with for 8 years just called me tonight while I was at work.. before I answered ( after her blowin up my phone ), I was thinkin, "wtf this bitch want now.."..

    Well she wanted to tell me her bf left her because she lied about sleepin with his department manager before they started datein.. now shes tellin me she wants to see me in the morning and have a talk..

    I told her id hear her out and that was it.. I dont even know what to say to her.. yea she did all this while we were broken up, so I guess thats her right.. still, tho.. wtf is goin through her head.. we have 2 kids together.. is this the example she wants to set for the boys.. to be weak and easily manipulated???

    What do I say to her??? Ima have to kick back with my stash for a while to mull this one over...
  2. Man I would hear her out and just be courteous, but if she be like I want you back blah blah blah put that girly in her place!
  3. Any advice on what I should say if that comes up? I dont want to just blank on her. I wana be mature and sophisticated with what I say, so she knows im bein straight up with her and dead serious
  4. Idk man that depends on your own feelings and intuition, I mean obviously she holds a special place in your heart because of the kids and stuff
  5. Eight years is serious do you think you could give it another go?
  6. Idk man. She really tore me apart.. I was so close to hurtin myself a month back because I was so miserable. I dont think I should let her actions go unpunished.. but this mightbe my last shot to save the family.. fuck!!!
  7. Man don't pull the stay together for the kids bit it is fucked up and they know it. But if y'all can start fresh and not let the past infringe on your future.......
  8. dang ol' boom, man
  9. damn i was tryna think of something boomhauer-y to say but ya beat me lol. high five.

    back on topic, what are your feelings about the broad OP?

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  10. Better than being flabby and gassy I suppose.
  11. I love her unconditionally. I just kept that tucked away so it didnt ruin me
  12. Is it possible to start fresh??
  13. Depends on both of you, if she falls back into old habits that irked you and you do the same can you forgive one another and move forward?
  14. I will never fall back into my old habbits. I changed for myself, not her. But her.. idk if she can change. I might have to play hard to get, because if I take her back on the fly, then she might be prone to doing what she used to do.

    Reality in her head is whats makin her do these things. If she would live for the children and live to progres as an adult, then I have no doubt in my mind that she can change

    She just has ti change her way of thinking.. shes 21. Not 16. She acts like sleepin around is normal when its not
  15. Yeah one those..... I would just play it by ear homie if it works work it if not hey at least YOU tried
  16. I appreciate the advice. Think ima wing it and trust my gut
  17. Hear her out but be firm dont take a bitch back thats weak beta male status even for sex.
  18. Update.

    Basically she called me wantin me to comfort her. Then the next day, they work it out, same ol shit.

    Got sum head out of it tho, so its str8. Shes definitely not dateing material. Shes a completely different person now. Some twilight zone shit!

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