Im fat need a diet plan

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  1. Im fat need a diet plan please help
  2. Google is your friend, friend
  3. what do i ask it
  4. Dude I lost 50 pounds just do it man feels good... Put down the fork
  5. Running and a diet plan probably would work, but it takes a long time man. Just stick with it and you see change.
  6. Start with the basics . Eat right , exercise , drink water . Maybe get a gym membership or home gym . My dad bought the total gym off a coworker & I've been using it to tone my arms & working on that 6 pack aha .
  7. Type 2 diabetes diet
  8. Cut the sugar/high fructose corn syrup.
  9. Make lots of healthy snacks
    Eat those in moderation throughout the day
    Have a decent sized breakfast
    Small oh lunch
    And small dinner
    You should not be too hungry by snacking on healthy food and eating small meals
    Keeps you metabolism working all day
    Then either walk or speed walk in the neighborhood to start getting to exercise

    There ya go, a good beginning
  10. ^Actually, contrary to popular belief, eating more small amounts throughout the day doesn't affect your metabolism.

    You need to calculate your caloric needs (google), eat at a deficit, and exercise.
  11. Start lifting and eat clean. Bike instead of drive, do sprints.

    Fresh foods only. Protein w EVERY meal. Eggs, cheese, chicken, beef, bacon, nuts, fish.

    Eat carbs sparingly (bread, rice, past, oatmeal). Once or twice a day only, early in the day.

    It's a lifestyle change though. A diet is temporary.

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