im dyeing my hair

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by thegreenlantern, Apr 1, 2003.

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  1. im trying to deicde what color to dye my hair
    last time it was denim blue

    im thinking green but im definitely open to suggestions
  2. Green is good.
  3. male or female?

    icey blue is pritty cool
  4. im definitely a guy
  5. I think guys with Fire engine red hair are colors just aren\'t my thing

  6. ill take that into consideration
  7. why don\'t you do two colors........ do the base in one and the tips in another layering.... that would look ill.
  8. i dunno i dont really know you but i get the feeling you\'d look pretty hot no matter what
  9. I agree with Gravy, on top my hair is blonde, underneath it\'s burgandy.
  10. green with brown high lites...make ur hair like dro!...LOL....thanks...peaces....MrSbb
  11. icy blue with thick white highlights....... tight ass!
  12. hmmmm....

    sounds interesting
  13. my friend meg is a hair stylist, she has hers blonde (base) with green & blue streaks runnin through.... its hot.
  14. This lepehent is crazy
  15. Lapse u r definitely on crack.

    that is the most random thing i have ever seen
    thank you very much

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