Im drunk...

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  1. So whas goin on??

    Ill jus drunken ramble stoned shit here cuz i gotta sleep like soon and im jus still drankin liqour and steel 40's.

    ALmost fought my cuz today, Hahaha on dumbshit aient seen him in a few years looks completely different i was checkin his girl and ***** said somethin and i got routy ready to fight this ***** main.

    Turns out to be my cuz he reconized me the whole time haha.

    Buncha dumb shit.

    Drugs are awesome.
  2. You must have a steel stomach drinking all that malt liquor dude.

    Glad to hear that the violence was avoided.

    Hope you have a great night bro.


    Bumper walls.

    Olympic shit.
  4. I haven't drank a 40 ounce since I have been old enough to drink.

    But before I was 21, I was always drinking OE Ice 800.
  5. OE Ice is gangster, Aient been out in over 5 years.

    But im a alch and cant spend too much.

    So i spend about $40 a week to get fuckin smashed every night.

    So gkone.
  6. KSR after seeing all your posts about 211 and never drinking it,

    i tried it

    and i loved it hahaha, kinda:p
  7. Right on man.

    My stomach can't take that shit anymore.(drinking in general)
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    are u black or what u seem kynda gangsta with all the steel 40's and blunts ahah jk jk:)

    What does the color of his skin matter? WTF does it matter???? Don't post if this is the best you can do, please. *RMJL
  9. Fuckin gangster.

    What'd ya cop?

    12'er, 16, 24, 32, 40.

    And was it black or silver label, Makes a major difference.

    All i drank is silver.


    No comment...

    (Nothin against you, Personal shit.)

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    ^Been bumpin this track for a few years now, Reall shit, Gritty trill shit.

    Fuckn gone.
  10. Fuckn gone.[/QUOTE]

    I got a 40, thats all i drank fool.

    and it was silver label
  11. I got a 40, thats all i drank fool.

    and it was silver label

    Silver's all i drank, Suposivley black is ;less carboated so tastes bnetter but its not around here ive njever had it.

    211's good tho.
  12. Ima rectangle.
  13. I'm a parallelogram, w0rd.
  14. Well... I'm also drunk.. just rigged my macbook pro into my dads LCD so he could watch the new terminator series on hulu.. currently.. I popped a few vic because I'm out of weed and really don't want to feel hung over in the morning... how are you doing lol.

  15. Also, I swear my post count went down. No idea how.
  16. hha wasup ksr im kickin it too.. aint go no liquor but i got some pure kush that im rippin through the new sg! its gettin late over there

  17. I'm dry and I envy you bro
  18. You and me both, man. I have the house to myself, so I'm drinking heavily tonight. Starting off with some Captain and Coke with some pizza to go along with it, but I also have a 750ml bottle of Jose Cuervo, two bottles of SKOL Vodka, half a bottle of Jim Beam, a bit of Jagermeister and... ten or twelve PBRs to get through.

    I think I'll be okay.

  19. oh shit durchii u wana party?? u bring the liquor i got the kush
  20. What am I a chump lol.. name the place I'll bring the drinks lol

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