I'm drunk but wish I was high

Discussion in 'General' started by gigglestick87, Jan 8, 2012.

  1. It's so hard to type drunk. I wish I was high so I could make things much more interesting. It seems when I'm drunk right now everything is just basically a blob. I'll probably regret making this post in the morning but I made sure to make it in the right section. So blades do you ever wish you were high rather than being drunk, when you were drunk? I can't think now so I'll check this in the morning, but I'll try my best to stay up.
  2. I hate drinking alcohol, all I did my first 2 yrs of college was drink alcohol...none of this natty lite shit either.

    Now I'm a stoner, I hate drinking, sometimes even beer tastes disgusting, and I homebrew so I do enjoy beer. I guess drinking as much as I used to kind of put a toll on me, needed to slow down.

    I smoke all the fucking time though, I feel a million times better in the morning, no headache, no vomiting, no drunk texts or posts;), just feel refreshed, then I smoke again.....:smoke:
  3. Nah, when I'm drunk I enjoy my drunk. When I'm high, I enjoy my high.

    Shit, when I'm sober, I enjoy that too!
  4. I like being drunk and high at the same time.
  5. Yea both is fun:smoking: but yea man i know where your coming from but I'm learning to enjoy my drunk...its definitely a more social thing. either ones fun for me.
  6. the story of my life....

  7. Totally. I definately see where you get that from. Its fun to be drunk on occasion. I'm loving this feeling as we speak even though my coat got stolen (luckily I still had my wallet and cell phone in my pant pocket so nothing valuable got stolen other than my winter jacket). I just get high much more often so I think my body is much more used to that. The last time I was drunk was like 3 months ago. But I learned the hard way when being high and drunk at the same time to smoke first and drink second if you want to avoid the spins. Gosh I hated that when I did that once (drank first and then smoked).
  8. It's also a strange feeling knowing that getting high occurs much quicker than getting drunk, even with shots. Weird hahahhahaha
  9. Im drunk as a titty right now and I love it. But I would be high as fuck also if I wasnt on probation. Just one more moneth until I can smoke the reefer
  10. getting drunk is the shit though but not by yourself
  11. Im drunk right now, wish i was high.... but i got a piss test i need to pass.
  12. I am sober. Ill just play xbox to compensate...
  13. I don't like alcohol. But there are times when I am high and wish I was higher.
  14. hgih saw i hsiw tub knurd m'i
  15. I find both complement my already awesome persona.. I do enjoy getting hammed every now and then, but only if I dont have any travelling to do... Hence why I currently smoke alot more weed then drink booze..
  16. i still do it its not so bad :rolleyes:

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