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i'm dreaming.... of a white christmas...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IGotTheCottons, Dec 22, 2002.

  1. yeahhhh... they're calling for it to snow on christmas here. woohoo. i usually dislike the snow, but it's christmas, so yeah... gotta have it. =)

    i'm getting another quarter of them thar christmas buds in about an hour. :D can't wait.

    have a great holiday everyone! hope the buds are flowing for everyone as they are for me §:0Þ
  2. so am i and i want a new pipe to but i live in the south so probably not white but rain which is a good day to toke
  3. Might be a white Christmas here as well. Snow is in the forcast this week, don't know if it will be here in time for Christmas though.

    Buds are flowing nicely here too, hope that everyone else is having the same luck. :)
  4. We probably wont have a white christmas around here because the weather is never what it is supposed to be. I loathe snow anyway because of these curvy roads and mountains!!!

    And yes, the bud is plentiful around are my percocets so I'm going to have a merry christmas. It may not be a white one but it will be a merry one anyway!!! LOL
  5. while im SNOW capping a bowl. i would love to wish everyone a marry xmas. and a mother fuckin happy new year.
  6. Yup, I'm in the deeeep south.
    Palm trees swaying, Christmas lights twinkling.

    It's this time of year I really miss home (Indiana)
    but after almost 8 years, I've also come to appreciate
    the beauty of holidays in the sunny south.

    I do look longinly at pictures of soft, cozy houses lit
    from within, smoke curling out the chimney, trees, streets,
    houses, coated with the fluffy white stuff.
    I love Christmas lights under the snow. They glow so mysteriously.

    But.....I also enjoy being able to hop on my bike and
    chug around the neighborhood enjoying all the decorated
    houses all lit up.

    We're putting a home grown nuggie in each of our
    adult children's stocking this year.
    Might as well enjoy it until their children arrive.
    They're all still single.

    Hope your holidays are wonderful everyone!

    PS.... I registered this name a couple of days ago and
    when I tried to log on today, I couldn't.
    I reregistered and it let me on with all the same info.
    Any idea what happened? I don't want it to happen again.
    Thanks! :)
  7. good ol oklahoma is gonna get some snow. about 5-7 inches where i live.
  8. man... now they're calling for mostly rain, and possibly some snow. i hate the rain, lol. it gets everything all wet, and makes it so i can't go out (due to lack of a car)... oh well, i'll be wrecked, so it's all good :D
  9. It's 1:00 p.m. local time. Had to work today. About 10 minutes before lunch the boss came around and said "that's e'nuff for this year, y'all go home!" Mainly because we already had about 5 inches of the white stuff on the ground! And it's still coming down! Big, wet, flakes that cover up the trees and everything else. It's BEEEEYOUTIFUL!

    Also, the inevitable downside to this I come home, to house full of women and children! I'm allergic to estrogen, so I had to take my medicine. After two bowls of my special blend of estrogen-repelling shit, I've been socialble for a good 30 minutes to everybody. But I think I'll go to the barn and see how the Flakester is holding up in the blizzard. If you've never watched it snow from a warm barn, well, you just have'nt lived!

    I'd say if you to east to northeast of me (northeastern Okla.) Yo're most definitley going to have a white christmas! If the cold temps make it over there!

    Merry Yuletide!
  10. i want a green christmas with lots of herb
  11. 6''-1' starting at 7am christmas morning, woo hoo!
  12. It's midnight.

    8 inches.

    And still snowing.

    Went sledding.

    Hung out in the barn.

    Took ol' blue out and went road ridin.

    I'm tired as hell and got to do 100 miles in this stuff tomorrow.

    So, off to the long winters nap.

    Merry Christmas Blades!
  13. Great thread.....I'm sure wishing for the wonderful white
    stuff but it won't happen in lower peninsula usa. ;)

    Enjoy the snow and all have a safe
    and merry yuletide.
    (loved that smokinokie)

  14. HIGH All, for All you that what snow I hope you get it. Me I'll go play in the Mountains if I want to see any of that white stuff.

    Hey Uncle Cottons I don't mind shoveling the rain *LOL*

    You All Be Good Now! Merry Xmas All.

  15. yeah... that's definately a plus :D lol. never quite looked at it that way before.
  16. I'm dreaming too, Cottons!!!!!!

    I am so jealous of you guys and your snow. Send me some snow, SmokinSanta! I want some snow for Christmas!!! PLEASE!!! ;)

    Merry Ho Ho, Everybody! I love you guys!

  17. You are more than welcome to some!

    Airport says 9 inches.

    My ruler says 12 inches around here!

    It's beautiful. I've got hours of video. Only minor sled injuries.
    No matter how hard you try, you can't snowboard on a banana boat sled.

    Got me outta my 100 mile trip! 'Til tomorrow anyway!

    So for the first time in a long time I get to be in my own house on Christmas Eve!

    The debate rages on when we open presents so I better get my referee's shirt on and enter the melee!

    Merry Christmas friends!

    Peace to all!
  18. with any luck i'll be home alone for a while today. probably when everyone goes to my aunts in a couple hours. woohoo... cotton's will most definately be getting bombed if that's the case :D

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