im done

Discussion in 'General' started by Kr4zY-tOkA-IvXx, Jul 9, 2004.

  1. hey everone

    i wish id never have to say this to al lof u but im completly done with smoking .. i have found a girl that i have been with for 9 months and she is really against me smoking .. and i belive i would want to be with her then smoke pot .. i love her with all my heart and hopefulyl we will be 2gether for a long time .. i really dont want to quit but Love > Mary J i guess .. i bet u all have beeen here .. ive chopped down my grow fright before Fert ive threw away everythign to do with pot i actually belive im done ..

    well tis been great bein a part of this online Community .. ill miss u all

  2. wow, i just joined (been reading here for a long time) youll be missed.
  3. Your leaving us Saden's the mountains high up in the sky
    The Green dragon is the only pure way to live calm and at peace with nature...
  4. You chopped down your plants? Thats just stupid man. You should've at least harvested them. Hooked up a friend nicely or something.

    Sorry you're leaving, but stop back at the City whenever.

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