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  1. Scroll up and re read your comment. There was no warning in your statement. And mentioning drugs will get you banned. It's in the forum guidelines and I'm sure it to protect the site as a whole. I'd bet most here don't consider marijuana a 'drug' if that's what you were referring to.

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  2. Sure because alcohol is not a drug? Marijuana is classified as a drug as well , and you can blow up your house with making bho. Yet you mention something about prescription pain killers and it's all over I guess I didn't read the rules right
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    This is your post I was referring to...really didn't wanna repost it.

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  4. That was sarcastic and wasn't even the post lol
  5. i understand your reaction but... in the GC forums they have rules and most of us have had warnings or read general warnings from the mods to read the rules...

    No mention of drugs other than ALCOHOL & CANNABIS are allowed on this board PERIOD Full Stop...

    Don't take it personal, but many threads with pages past have been either halted or completely deleted by a discussion drifting off to chemicals be they natural or synthetic... One that comes to mind was a good one from a member who was talking about trying to beat alcoholism by using MMJ but some how other drugs were mentioned and the thread was stopped... The mod mentioned it was unfortunate as it was a good topic that had potential to benefit others...
  6. Update: I quit weed, on the course of quitting smoking tobacco (will still take me a few days or even weeks to get my body and mind accustomed), feeling and doing better probably because of doing what I just mentioned. Negativity's slowly declining, still in a sort of neutral zone tilting towards negative but I can see the bar tilt towards positivity little by little every two/three weeks. Physical activity helps a bit but need to mind overexerting which causes more stress. It used to be enjoyable to me, but still working out how to stay relaxed. Diet's steady, three meals a day, small ones, no chicken and eggs. Seeing new possibilities now though still need to actively chase after them. Now looking into mindfulness and meditation, proved successful in the past but hard to maintain when ur busy. Now on a holiday so I got the time to improve. Peace.
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  7. You'll feel better for it trust me and hey you can go and try and get a girlfriend and a job now.
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    I wish you all the best with mindfulness meditation! Mindfulness is the best meditation & can be done anytime you are in the waking state no matter what you are doing... at least to some degree... in the imaginary world of "thought" where we were conditioned to live by creating a false self (small s, egoic) we are never HERE NOW as thought is always past memories or future imaginings... the mind is a great tool to be used when needed but a poor master and not to be lived in as if that is who we are...

    i'm reading an E-book (Kindle for PC which is a free download, not the book the program) i think it was $8 or $9 on Amazon. The name is Journey into Now which is a great guide with steps to catch yourself when you are lost in needless thoughts... with tricks to come back to the present or presence which is our "natural" state... the book was written by Leonard Jacobson.

    Here is one of his many YT videos.. (He has an Aussie accent but easy to understand) Good luck to you!

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  9. I've been reading Shakespeares sonnets translated into modern English when I'm not doing other things.
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  10. Welp. I'm going to tell you the big secret no one really seems to talk about. This is something you will always live with.

    Unless our issues are simply the result of an imbalance, our issues are almost guaranteed to be ours to claim for life, whether we like it or not. As far as I know we can do two things with this. Repress it and try to ignore it. Or live in it and accept it, changing our response to it over time and even our perception of it.

    Yeah, people get help and get "fixed", but I'm thinking the vast majority of those people have an issue as simple as an imbalance, absence of purpose, etc., and for them, fixing those things generally fixes the issue.

    It's one thing to go "I'm depressed and don't know why" medication, therapy, etc., etc., etc., hell, even a pet may fix that. It's another thing to go "I'm depressed, and these are the irreconcilable reasons for my depression". No amount of anything will fix that, it can only help us deal and change our response.

    I chose the latter long ago, and I'd say it's the better approach from what I've seen of others, at the least.

    Maybe I'm 100% wrong, I ain't no psychogeologicologist meow, but, this is simply my thought in relation to my experiences.

    I'm with you though. That hippy, serenity now shit that balances the suburbanites drinking their craft coffee and talking about, I don't know, colonics or whatever... it's bullshit. Again, that's to help center people who really don't seem to have an issue, in my opinion. Not to diminish what the effect may be on them, only, I do not put these things in the same category.

    Not that our physical health is not tied to our mental health, but again, for me, it's the "I'm depressed, and these are the irreconcilable reasons for my depression" type depression, it's not just, "oh I need serotonin and dopamine, and now life is grand" type.

    I truly do not think that is something that ever goes away, but, we can change both our response to it, and our perspective of it. We just have to choose to try, and know there is no magic solution or easy, quick way.

    Side note. Alcohol and cannabis are both drugs. I do not understand why we can't say that. It's dishonest not to and is one of many things about our culture I do not like. "It's not a drug it's a plant" Hemlock is a plant too, does that make it not a poison. By that logic, the coca-plant isn't a drug, I mean, people grow a certain type of poppy, don't know what we think people grow that variety for, but I can tell you, 90% of the time, it ain't decoration...

    Not that anyone made that point about "it's just a plant" but that is usually the b.s. reason we give for why a compound that causes a significant psyco-physiological reaction, is somehow not a drug. Our personal bias of something should not dictate reality, in this case, it is a bias towards the word "drug".

    Don't like the fact you are a drug user, then stop assuming that means something so bad.

    We all use drugs, and many of us abuse them, and half the time, these are the drugs we naturally synthesis in our own bodies. But still, they are drugs.
  11. Hey dude my names jason im from new zealand. What do you injoy doing man?do you have hobbys?
  12. Listen, i have been where you have been, things do seem to get worse, but you fail to see the bigger view, all of this around you that causes negativity, failed relationships, embarrassment etc is the effect of our society, just because every one else is focused on a single view of the world why should you? There are ways to help yourself, meditation does work but not how wikihow says it does, you must sit down your phone technology, any disturbance. How i found my way was i would go up through a forest, after a 12 mile walk through the wilderness, i found a tall wall of bluffs and hills, i worked my way to the highest point, sat on a smooth rock overlooking for miles, hawks flew below me, i smoked a joint and smoked from my carved wood pipe, and then i medidtated and i learned a lot, you must seperate yourself from this cloud of society and work on what really hurts you
  13. What's up. I picked up fiction writing again after quitting weed, trying a bit of web design here and there but just for practice, and when I'm in the mood I try to rap/freestyle. In a month or so I'm planning on trying the bass or acoustic guitar. I already did classical guitar in the past but fingerstyle really isn't my thing.
  14. I changed my mind bout meditation. It doesn't work for everyone and I've seen it have an adverse effect on me. It just gets me more pissed. I agree with the phone thing tho, and there are tons of things u can do without needing to stay on ur phone.
  15. Cool to hear youv got goals man. Awsome. Keeping active defently helps me too bro. I envy ur musical talents man, i could play or rap to save my srlf but i love them both man.
    You feeling a little better bow with things man?
  16. Yo thanks for asking man, I do feel better. I got put on classical guitar when I was little so my parents wanted to see some return for all that money, lol. And rap is just something I forced myself to do cause of ego, and I'm just a bit below decent tbh. Fitness helps me 2.

    What really helps for me tho, honestly, is subliminal messaging. We get that through the media right? News, music videos, music, movies wherever, and it affects our subconscious. But thing is, u can find subliminals on YouTube to turn those negative thoughts into positives. See, consciously things are quite hard to train but u can get more motivation, more pleasure when u try to change ur subconscious thought patterns. I honestly believe that I could get myself busy all day with whatever and still would be in a rut, but trying to change how my subconscious thoughts work seems to have made a bigger impact than anything else I've tried. And funny thing is I dismissed the idea of changing the subconscious mindset back when I first heard about it like 5 years ago, I was like yeah right, this all bullshit, mind doesn't work like that. Crazy.
  17. U know I've read they banned subliminal messaging back in the day in the US like 1970s or something, yet I KNOW it's used everywhere to get people to buy shit. Never once thought it could be used to help myself. Again, crazy.
  18. man only if i knew the right words to tell you. only thing i can tell you is problems dont last forever. i've been in that slump before and nothing is going right. over time the odds will fall in your favor and you will live your best life.
  19. So… Have you done anything about this yet?

    Have you fixed it or?

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  20. That's the question

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