I'm Done With High School...

Discussion in 'General' started by EuropeanVW, Jun 15, 2004.

  1. ...in an hour and a half. :D
  2. nice.

    Glad to see you made it. Blaze a big one.
  3. Congrats, VW!!!!! I'm very proud of you!

    :D :D :D
  4. Light up a fat stinky one on your way out the door. Myself, as well as many of my classmates, did the same on the last day. Stogies or fatty joints always seem to grab the attention of the school officials.... :)
  5. nice job.... i still got 1 year left :(

    make sure to get 1000 posts today also. ;)
  6. ^^^

    I was thinking about that, didn't get around to it though. That would've been nice. Last day of high school, 1000 posts, and my Pistons winning the NBA Championship.
  7. LOL that would be nice.... hope you smoke alot, and get fucked up! lasts days of school rock..... didnt see mine since i was suspended......damn fools!

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