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  1. Yes, by the force of will and determination, not to mention a failing stamina and frequent coughing, I am done smoking cigarettes.

    Scared you there huh, made you think I'd stop with the herb. Never I say. But nicotine/tobacco, I can't do it anymore.

    The cigarette have been my deceitful friend for almost 18 years. Near half my life. But it have to stop.

    No magic, no patches, no gum. Just cold turkey deciding I am not a smoker any more. I'm done. It's been fun, but it got to stop here before it becomes tragic.

    Luck favours the well prepared, and seeing as the sum of ones vices are equal, I intend to do a lot of drinking in the coming couple of weeks... :D

    I just need to stay strong in my conviction, and two weeks from now, I can officially call myself an ex-smoker.

    I'll update as I hit the expected walls...

    Going strong on, uhm, the 8th hour. 24h is the next milestone. A first in 18 years. An entire day not poisoning myself (beer not counting, it is the nectar of life). :)
  2. good luck bro, ive been trying to quit recently as well....ive had exactly ONE cigarette a day for the past week or so....today is monday, and i am quitting cigarettes today. ill steal some nicorette gum if i have to, shit. i just want my healthy, genetically superior lung capacity back so i can swim and run! and hit my bong!

  3. Best of luck to you. :)

    I gave up a year and two weeks ago having smoked for 18 years like yourself.

    Can I ask why you're planning on doing it with no added help? I took all the help I could get!! Gum, patches, hypnotherapy (which was BS). I so didn't want to put myself through the process of giving up more than once, so I tried to ensure I did it first time! It paid off.

    When you crave, try to remember that cravings only last a few minutes and will pass quickly.

    Each day that goes by, it gets easier.

    FYI, you've already done the hardest part, if you get through the next 36 - 72hours, your breathing will be easier, your taste and smell will improve and you'll have saved a packet!

    You know the annoying ex smoker? That's me! ;) j/k, I just want to encourage, it's liberating being free of that terrible drug.

    I still enjoy the smell of a fag and I still smoke mj everyday. My life is a million times easier and less stressful without fags.

    You can do it man, it'll be the best move you ever make. :hello:
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    Thanks dude :) [edit: oh, just noticed, dudette :D ]

    Why do it without added help, humm. Why not?! I think smoking sits very much in the brain, being psychological. A bad habit, like biting nails or whatever. There is a chemical part to it as well, nicotine being a very addictive drug. But as with cannabisoids, the body do produce its own nicotine like substance, it just need to get its production up again (and need of it down to natural levels) after years and years of being more or less dormant in production and overindulged in availability.

    Yes, the 3 first days will be hell. I feel it already, the almost constant craving. I think the trick is to distract oneself. If only for a few minutes, or even as little as 30secs, and it passes. For a few fleeting minutes.

    But as said, I intend to make do with near silly amounts of beer at the start of this, not experiment as I intend to succeed, let us call it life changing experience :)

    Thanks for the support, again. I'll need all the willpower I can muster to do this. Having people cheering in my corner do help, here online as in real life. I can guarantee that my boss and colleagues are positively thrilled. As for my friends, well most are smokers, so there is little support to find there, though some meek "good for you!" can be heard after the mutterings of "you'll never make it!" comments :p

    I'll show them!

    Long post heh. I think this one alone killed two cravings :D
  5. Best of luck, Zylark.

    You're doing it for all the rights reasons.
  6. Oh man, you're so made of win. You've the understanding of the psychological side of it down, I so didn't when I started to quit! :rolleyes:

    The alcohol thing does work. I never used to drink much at all, it's fair to say I enjoy my share now! ;) I'm trying to cut it down again now I've been off the nicotine for a year.

    I kept an online journal at another forum when I quit and it really helped, if nothing else just so you can vent from time to time!

    I have a lot of smoker friends too who aren't too pleased. I'm known as 'The quitter'! :rolleyes: Fuck 'em, I don't smell of stale fag anymore and that ROCKS! :D

    Sam Spade, there's no denying it, Bogie always looked good with a cig. :smoke: It's probably his fault that I thought fags were big and clever for 18 years!! ;)
  7. cannabisoids lol... i smoked for like 5 months and i quit recently (havent bought a pack in well over a month) i know its not 18 years but my lungs thank me for sure
  8. Don't try to belittle this suburban. If you've only inhaled the nicotine for five months, you got no say. Seriously! 5 months don't qualify to throw easy solutions around.

    On a more happy note, I'm now on my 12+ hours, and things are surprisingly fine. Was just at a pickup. Me being not entirely sober, my friend had to drive, in my car. A harrowing experience to be sure. For one thing, he can not parallel park at all

    As I said earlier, my friends and I do not exactly see eye to eye on this quit smoking thing, as this particular one left his ciggs and lighter on the driver car seat for me to oogle at for the 15 minutes it took him to get the weed and get back.

    But again on a happy note, it did not really tempt me nearly as much as I thought it would. Really, it was all good. But to be honest, I did get a bit trippy getting the deal done with, get home and smoke up a fatty. To at least secure some kind of, hrmf, inhaling I suppose :D

    Mission accomplished btw, and a new bong awaits. Cheers! :)
  9. Haha yeah, yeah he did.

    Even for the my avatar pic, he's holding a nail:

  10. Goddamn he's hawt. :eek: They don't make 'em like that anymore. *sigh*

  11. Good luck man. I tried to quit about 3 weeks ago. I went a full week until I finally caved and bought a pack. Quitting nicotine is fucking HARD.

  12. Hahaha. I totally agree with the whole quitting with no help thing though. I smoked for 6 years (Not as much as you, but I am only 21). The longest break from smoking in that 6 year span was probably a few days, at best. Well, I'm glad to say that a month and a half ago was the last time I had a cigarette. :)

    I did it just like you, cold turkey. One day I was in my car driving, lit up, and it just wasn't the same. I started thinking how terrible it was for me and the cigarette just didn't taste the same. It just disgusted me for some reason. So right then and there, I threw the pack in the garbage, and havent had one since!

    I found it especially hard for the first two weeks, and definitely the roughest while driving. This is when I smoked the majority of my cigs, as I get bored as HELL while driving. Make sure you have some gum, or something like a stress ball to fidget around with while youre driving or not doing anything, it really helps.

    Best of luck to you! I know you will do it. I'm like the least committed person in the world. If I can quit, anyone can.
  13. Uh oh, all has gone quiet....

    Did the wheels fall off the waggon Zylark? ;)

    Hope you're still going strong! :)

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