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I'm disgusted..

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by HitmanB, Sep 25, 2010.

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  1. I'm utterly disappointed and disgusted with some members actions on this form. Call me a prick, but since when does it matter what someone else buys as a smoking tool? Why does your opinion on how lame or how tacky a piece is need to intrude on the joy the person finds in their piece? I thought this forum was supposed to be about stoners reaching out and connecting with other stoners, free of hate and internet bullshit. I'm a chill and calm stoner, but when something pisses me off, you better believe I'm going to get red in the face and rant. Just because you can afford a $400 RooR, with an ashcatcher, diffy downstem, and a SALT slide, what right does that give you to harp on someone who buys a $25 dollar, plain glass bong off the GC shop? Since when are you the emperor of Bongland and get to decide whats cool or not. If your going to bring your negativity into someones happiness, than your just another asshole.

    I posted this here just because I know the seasoned tokers are reasonable and might understand what I'm talking about..
  2. Meh. Just stay cool man. No need to address such stupidity. You only give it unneeded attention. Anyone wavering they have some kind of sociological uphand on someone in any matter, expensive clothes, bongs, etc, is obviously not representing what this forum, or this herb stand for.
    Do not let such simple things anger you. Money, quality, and showmanship mean little, if anything. Next time you take a hit, close your eyes and remember how that perspective has accepted you regardless of how much you had in your pocket.
    That is what it is all about.
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    I'm pretty sure people like that are compensating for deficiencies in other aspects of their life. Like owning a HUGE tricked out bong is going to make up for having a tiny penis. ;)

    I use a rez "pipe" if I have to toke (normally I vape). It's a tin can with a paper towel screen covering the opening in the lid. Cuts down on plant material/aluminum particles getting into my lungs. Gets the job done just like any fancy schmancy bong. :D
  4. I can't do anything but agree with you. I've seen a few recent thread in the toking tools section of people posting their bongs and getting flamed for it not being a known and expensive brand. I was pretty disapointed...
  5. I wouldn't go into the Politics area if I were you....
  6. Thats what happens when a community is created, we instantly divide ourselves. Collectively known as potheads, individually known as apprentices, seasoned, newbies, and what ever else we feel like needs a label.

    There's just going to be ways we analyze every aspect in the community, and if no one said anything (negative, but also posititve) about joe blow with a $20 glass spoon, then why would anyone need to vaporize or get the Illapdelph w/ fancy add-ons? Obviously on this forum it isn't right to bash and dehumanize someone, but comments SHOULD be made to draw a fine line between proper ways to burn, and better, more efficient ways to burn.

    I mean a flame war can start between whether Master Kush should be only rolled in blunts vs only smoked out of good bongs vs only out _______, at the end of the day its all THC being absorbed, just more or less...
  7. oh shit...
  8. Doesn't matter how you get high, right?

    Plus personal opinion is HUGE when it comes to smoking tools. Anyone agree?

    Like, the first bowl I ever smoked was from a blue-ish, color changing spoon and now if I'm going to buy a pipe, it's going to be a spoon of the same shape simply for that fact.

    Sentimental value is awesomeness.
  9. Only thing you can do is get over it. :devious:
  10. If I did was because I have a no-name pipe and am jealous.

    If someone else did was because they have a small penis.
  11. It's all good.

    I'm very open with my opinions about the best ways to toke, but I also know they are my opinions and I make it a point not to hate on people if they are enjoying how they use it.

    I'll point out inefficiency. I'll point out health risks. I'll say I think some things are nasty (I hate blunts, for example), but never will I hate on the blade because they like something I don't.
  12. Idk this forum is definitely more peaceful than some out there.
    I've been on a few, and one of them was all about drama. They were only active because of flaming other people and whatever.
    Then I came here and fell in love. mostly everyone is so chill. There are a few people who are rude and whatever but who cares? smoke a bowl and forget about them :smoking:
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    This post brought negativity to me.


  14. If that's chill and calm, what's uncalm?
  15. cool story bro
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